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Fat Pusher
Platform :  
Size :   54M
Date :   Oct 13, 2022
Version :   1.20
Devoloper :   VOODOO
Tags : Run Arcade Pusher

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Editors' Review

Fat Pusher  ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. By Lethe

Fat Pusher is a fun casual parkour game, developed and produced by VOODOO, officially launched on September 9, 2020, supporting Android and Apple dual platforms.

Fat Pusher is a very creative casual parkour game. The gameplay is to control a fat man galloping in the game. As the game progresses you will encounter a variety of obstacles with different numbers written on them, which represent their difficulty and the amount of energy needed to push them through. The way to increase your power lies in the food that appears during the adventure, the more food you eat the stronger your power will be! When your power is greater than the number on the obstacles, they will no longer be able to stop you from moving forward. Of course, do not forget the gold coins on the road, they can help you upgrade your game skills, skills can help you more powerful in the game world, the higher the skills to get the road to victory will also become easier. Although this game is challenging, do not worry too much about the difficulty of the game, because the difficulty is progressive with the progress of the game. In this virtual game world to enjoy the gallop, you need to do is just keep running and keep getting stronger!

I admit that this game has brought me a lot of joy. In my previous games, the protagonist is handsome and powerful, but Fat Pusher gives a very opposite characterization; I have to play as a fat man and eat all kinds of food in the adventure. This is a bit like the usual game to pick up equipment to upgrade the setting but also very clever from the clichéd setting, I am fat but I am also very strong! This will undoubtedly give a lot of fat people to bring a touch of comfort. Belong to the fat of the wonderful adventure, you can not wait to embark on the journey?


Fat Pusher is a mobile game that focuses on fun dueling gameplay. Compete on the track to become the first place, strengthen yourself by picking up food and gold coins, to avoid any buildings that come your way, and succeed in living longer.

The game continues the classic gameplay mode, where players will engage in a fun battle.

Control the villain to guard your defense line and start a fun fight.

Push all the enemy characters down and complete the exciting competition successfully.

You and your friends can play together and form a strong team.

How To Play

The game is very simple to play, through the elimination of the rubber man, you will be able to successfully reach their desired location.

The end of the player is actually the final place of success, and the first person to finally reach the end, is also the winner of the game.

In different locations, the number of rubber people is also different, the more players eliminate the number of rubber people, the more rewards will be obtained.


  • By jordan
    this game isn't the best but, yes i think it was okay. i'm more of an adventure game type of girl i like games like normal Zelda and Zelda Breath of the wild last but not least i rate this game a 5/10.
  • By lexi
    yay this is fun
  • By Chelsea Guevara
    i really want to play this game it is really fun
  • By zoey cains
    i love this game

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