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Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS
Platform :  
Size :   45.8M
Date :   Dec 26, 2022
Version :   1.0.5
Devoloper :   Rapid Rabbit Game
Tags : Action Adventure Shooting Casual

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Editors' Review

What is it like to survive in a horror monster arena? Today, we suggest the horror-themed shooter game Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS, which was created and published by Rapid Rabbit Game. You will play as a monster or a human in a ferocious survival clash on the map in this action-packed first-person shooter survival game in order to engage the adversary head-on and survive the exciting struggle.


Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS's artwork is in 3D stereoscopic style, with a first-person perspective and a landscape. Character features are a little bit crude, but all shapes have good surface smoothness. Gunshots will also cause monsters to exhibit a cold, green affect that resembles poison. The game's high level of fluidity is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the majority of shooting game gamers. One of the game's most well-liked features is the integration of rich and varied popular aspects.


From the actual experience, "Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS" combines numerous extremely well-known horror icons. It can satiate players who favor a variety of highly popular horror games as well as players who fervently adore first-person shooters, completely satisfying two enormous groups of players with high motivation and enabling the game to spread quickly while utilizing player spread to lower customer acquisition costs and raise overall revenue.


On the other hand, the game itself lacks substance, relies entirely on external characters for its popularity, and lacks its own distinctive gameplay charm in terms of survival shooting and other gameplay. As a result, the game's lifespan is significantly shortened.


If you are a fan of horror games, if you have a fondness for first-person shooters, and if you like new games that blend class gameplay, then please do not easily miss "Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS".


Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS is a first-person shooter that incorporates aspects of horror characters like "Rainbow Friends" and "Alphabet Lore" as well as scenes and human shapes like "Roblox." In the game, you'll experience a survival adventure game akin to hide-and-seek.


Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS, which has had over 1 million cumulative downloads, material rated for users over 10, close to 2,000 reviews, and a rating of 4.7, is currently at the top of the Google Play's free game hit list.

How To Play

First-person shooter in the action genre called "Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS." The hunters and the monsters are the game's two lineups, and they battle it out in the levels as they hunt one another. The creatures can be captured and killed with weapons and other props in the Hunter lineup, which is made up of "Roblox" characters. You must hunt out the remaining hunters in a short amount of time to become the final survivor on the field.



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