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Drag Battle
Platform :  
Size :   418.6 M
Date :   Jan 3, 2022
Version :   3.25.97
Devoloper :   Ice Storm
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

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In order to find a good racing game, I searched high and low and tried all kinds of low-quality games. I have always been a belief in unremitting efforts, as long as you can finally let yourself get what you want, if you really want to spend a lot of time and effort, actually I also is acceptable, because compared to his ideal, if it is an ideal and can be implemented then finish what it costs time and effort but is cost. The cost is never as great as the benefit, so I choose to pay the cost. Finally, I found a great racing game. I know what you're going to say. Drag Battle? Is the game really that good? I don't know what your criteria are, but it seems to me that the game does have some strengths that other games lack. I thought this would be a good time to express some of the good things about Drag Battle, and I'd like to express some of my opinions about Drag Battle.

The advantages of the game in general have three aspects, they are the game itself, driver upgrade, and vehicle upgrade. I'd like to start by explaining some of the good things about Drag Battle from the game itself. The game has a lot of styling features, and you can choose from a variety of kits and accessories to change the look of your car, just like in real life. But you can rest assured that, in the real world, you will be worried about whether your car will be damaged by the modification company. In other words, if your car is changed to look bad or not to your satisfaction, you will have to pay other money and time to wait for a good result. So, you can constantly modify vehicles in Drag Battle. Of course, not only are all the kits available, but you're also given everything from headlights to body kits, so you can get a lot of different shapes. You can choose a variety of colors and coloring types for your car, and in this way you can make your car's vibe change, which is a magical feeling of enjoyment and accomplishment conjugated to existence.

Next, let's talk about the Drag Battle driver upgrade. In this game, you can select and upgrade the driver's skills. While other games focus on adding accessories to vehicles or making them faster and more powerful, Drag Battle focuses on driver upgrades. To upgrade a driver is to enrich his abilities or skills. You'll be amazed by this new feature because you can make your own decisions about your build, and the new skills you choose will improve your driving level so that you can drive the vehicle better during the race, and it's not a lie.

Finally, there is the matter of vehicle upgrades, which are very common in other racing games, but you won't feel the same in Drag Battle. Drag Battle allows players to create new parts using the draft feature, and in this case, the player's own creativity can be used to great effect in limited circumstances. If you're a Drag Battle player, you'll also love the non-linear car upgrade model that allows you to tweak your car's components with hundreds of spare parts. A car you can train yourself to win a race, and of course, you'll be impressed by Drag Battle's amazing physics engine anyway. I was blown away by the physics engine anyway, can you believe it? When I was accidentally knocked off the track, I jumped and threw the phone.


Drag Battle is a racing game with very beautiful pictures. Whether you like racing games or not, your blood donation will boil once you enter the game. The difficulty of operation is not as difficult as you think. There are as many as 50 cars of different levels in the game, which change the previous racing game of lap racing mode and directly adopt the simple and rude straight-line racing mode to give you a brand new racing experience.

How To Play

1. You can freely design your own vehicle, and there are a variety of racing accessories for your players to choose from.

2. A large number of racing cars to complete the new unlocks, and hit higher records to remember the racing competition.

3. You can control your own cars to compete on the track and add points freely.

4. Improve your driver skills by learning new skills. With many new features, it’s up to you to decide what your build will look like. Learn how a real extreme racer works by leveling up and training new skills in racing games.

5. There are a lot of fun map areas waiting for you to challenge, show your strong strength to deal with the tasks that appear, the game has a very good racing gameplay, perfect operation experience, to drive your vehicle freely on the roads of the city.



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