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Hajwala Drift
Platform :  
Size :   1.3 G
Date :   Aug 8, 2021
Version :   3.2.6
Devoloper :   RABABA Games
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

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Do you like racing? Do you like a good game? What about your ability to drive a fast car? If someone could combine all three and put them in a racing game, would you be interested? There's a game called Hajwala Drift. This is a fascinating racing game. The racing Games developed by RABABA Games should get players attention.

The Hawala Drift game is a racing-style game where players can freely choose which car they like. It is constantly modified and upgraded to travel to a variety of carefully crafted racing scenes through challenging tasks. Super realistic game screen, full touch-screen mode of operation, so that players can better experience the fun of driving. Win More Races, so you have enough money to buy the latest car and gradually improve your skills.

The game is straightforward, and if you master the rules of the ordinary car racing game, you will be comfortable with the game. Virtual joystick operation lets players experience the most authentic car driving experience, including the steering wheel, throttle, brake. There are many different vehicles in the game, including sports cars, private cars, trucks, and even police cars that can be up to date.

How to make the player have the most substantial game experience, I think this must be kind. In addition, there is a rich challenge in the game track, a variety of perspective switching, so that the players feel the best driving environment. Simple operation of the game, the primary test of your drifting skills, as well as driving proficiency.

In the game, you only need to remember that you want to become the top racing driver; with your strength, crush all opponents to reach the finish line successfully. In this process, you need to constantly fumble, in the best way, in a variety of corners to complete the limit overtaking. Players in the game will be a great game experience, a realistic game screen, the roar of shock motor sound so that all the driver's blood boiling. If you are a car racing person, you will love this game. This is a very realistic style of racing game. In this game, you can choose a different vehicle to participate in the race, with a variety of tasks continue to run the race, can unlock the car is more and more.

In this game, the game picture quality is very high. All the graphics in the game are very realistic and have a vibrant track terrain; the game is the top fantasy 4D to describe the Arabian Desert environment and track scenes. There are plenty of maps to choose from, from vast deserts to bustling cities with unique venues for competitions. It can give you a different driving experience, and you need to be calm and careful observing the terrain ahead.

Look for the right opportunity to pass the opponent, one at a time to open the distance between you, in case of unexpected consequences that would be unthinkable, so you must stay focused and drive carefully. The game also has a lot of super supercars to add to your garage; different supercars have different shapes, of course, the attributes are added.

Overall, the picture of the game scene is very realistic, and the game has a wealth of levels and locations for you to explore. In the game, background music is also very moving conforms to the game. The difficulty of the game's operation is also suitable for players of different ages. Players in the game have the best high-definition screen, breathtaking track, simple process, letting you enjoy here to experience the excitement and fun of car drift. Hurry to download it!


Hajwala Drifts is a racing game developed by an Arab company. The racing environment of the game is designed in a harsh desert, and the gameplay is very rich. The game uses the top Unreal 4 physics engine to depict the environment of the Arabian desert and the scene of the track. The operation of the virtual joystick allows you to experience the most realistic car driving experience, including steering wheel, accelerator, and brake. Of course, there are plenty of maps for you to choose from in the game, ranging from vast deserts to bustling cities, as well as dedicated competition venues.

How To Play

The game uses the top-level Unreal 4 physics engine to depict the environment and track scenes in the Arabian Desert.

The operation mode of the virtual joystick allows players to experience the most real car driving experience, including steering wheel, accelerator and brake.

There are many super sports cars to buy in the shopping mall. If it is a desert map, it is better to buy a powerful super SUV.

Players can go to the warehouse to refit their cars, increase the power of the engine, increase the suspension, etc.

The driving angle can be freely switched. The luxury interior of the super sports car can be clearly seen from the first-person perspective.



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