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Asphalt 8: Airborne
Platform :  
Size :   3.3 G
Date :   Jan 25, 2022
Version :   6.2.0
Devoloper :   Gameloft
Tags : Multiplayer 3D Racing Online Arcade Drifting Customization Offline HD

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Editors' Review

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Asphalt8: Airborne is a racing game developed and published by Gameloft, which was released on the App Store on August 22, 2013. The game contains 250+ racing cars and 10+ motorcycles, 80% of which are new models. In addition, there are 9 major seasons, chase seasons, McLaren exclusive seasons, 331 career mode games. New exotic race tracks with 18 different environment settings, including District 8, Tenerife, Port of San Diego, Great Wall, Tokyo, Barcelona,Alps, Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, Rio de Janeiro, District 51, Dubai , Transylvania, Patagonia, Munich and Nevada, including exotic and exciting circuits.

For players who have just entered the game, we need to get money to upgrade the vehicle through competition, so the performance of the D-class car allocated at the beginning is not very good, but I have to say that if you want to practice drifting and handling, Tesla Model S But it is the best choice. By the way, the gameplay in Asphalt 8: Airborne is customizable.

Next we discuss why drift is important in racing cars. Drifting is the most commonly used method for cornering in racing games, and it is also the fastest way to get nitrogen, so its importance is self-evident, and for cars of the same class that are not superior in speed, drifting corners is the fastest way. Good way to overtake. In the previous work, because the drift was too stiff, I felt that the sense of operation was not strong. In this work, due to the improvement of the physical engine, the method of sticking to the inside line and entering the corners makes the control of this game more difficult, just like driving a real car.

In a word, it is a good choice for ordinary D-class cars to use this kind of drift turning with the outside line entering the corner, the bending center sticking to the inside, and the smooth cutting of the outside line exiting the corner. You can take your time. You don’t have to rush the steering wheel or hit the brakes. On the outside, gently follow the direction of the corner, then cut into the corner, apply the brake and keep drifting, then return to the positive direction, and finally add nitrogen and go away.

Asphalt8: Airborne is a game with real fantasy racing and phenomenal graphics for fans who love street racing day, and it is also a game that will attract fans of racing simulation games! Hold your breath and feel the charm of dynamic high-speed air stunts!


Asphalt 8: Airborne is Gameloft’s latest racing game. The game has gorgeous special effects and beautiful graphics, which once made players addicted to it. Of course, if you also have a strong interest in Asphalt, you might as well try this game, and you will not be disappointed.

How To Play

1. Crash Tips in Asphalt8: Airborne. Since this nitrogen crash has become so simple, and the track environment has become more varied, you can wrap your car around the side and rear of the opponent's car, and then steer to push it. This method is the most scientific method of crashing. When you push the opponent, you will make the opponent’s rear deviate, and then the opponent at high speed will be forced to start drifting, and the dynamic balance of the vehicle will be greatly affected. And the most important thing is that this method will not directly cause excessive damage to your vehicle, and even the speed of falling can be ignored.

2. If you have nitrogen, even a little bit, then when you're on the back of your opponent, just lightly spray, the opponent loses. And if you don’t have nitrogen gas, you can push your opponent’s car and turn it across, and he will stall. Applying this method allows you to stall with minimal speed without any risk of car damage.

3. In Asphalt 8: Airborne, the way to get over the enemy’s vehicle is to activate the nitrogen gas and then ram the opponent, either rear-end collision or body collision to achieve the goal, but it must be remembered that it is best to ensure acceleration status, otherwise it may be counterattacked. Another way is to push the opponent to the edge of the track.


  • By Alexizz
    i like to play car games lol.
  • By Farrair
    I like to play game 1.Asphalt 9 2.Asphalt 8 3. Need for speed 4.Csr racing 5.Car parking 6.Car game.
  • By JonathanLowe
    i loved this game because it playes a good game and you can play it too

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