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Fallout Shelter
Platform :  
Size :   38M
Date :   March 3, 2021
Version :   1.14.6
Devoloper :   Bethesda Softworks LLC
Tags : Simulation Fallout Shelter

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Editors' Review

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Do you have any childish fantasies? I am a person who often comes up with strange ideas, the result of years of childish behavior. I think in fact, if a person is naive, then he is not bad, he is just simple in thought and action. The most childish thing I ever did was build my own castle out of sofa cushions at home. This is very reassuring, I put all the sofa cushions, a total of a dozen, together to build a small space, this is my castle my world. In fact, this behavior is not childish, it is just the embodiment of my simple spirit, I think this is not a mistake. Although I am now a young man in my 20s, I still hope to build a space of my own, so I put my hope in games." This may be the best game at E3 2015," and such reviews fall squarely on a great game called Fallout Shelter. Recently, I have spent most of my entertainment time playing Fallout Shelter, and its unique feeling has exerted a positive influence on me. I would like to introduce this game from my own understanding of it.

I love everything about Fallout Shelter, but there's no point in talking about how awesome games are until we know what they really are. I'm going to briefly tell you a little bit about the back story of the game. When you contaminated the world with radiation, you couldn't live in the Fallout, you had to build Fallout Shelter by all means. You had to go to the Fallout Shelter to get you through life. What you're doing isn't all about you, either. You have residents who need shelter. You must build the perfect Fallout Shelter so that your inhabitants can live in a scary world and avoid the dangers of the wilderness. I think the game is great, first of all, the backstory is quite compelling. You protect everyone within you and by building the perfect shelter, you can create a vibrant community 2,000 feet below the bedrock, and you can get to know your residents and develop relationships with them. You can watch them develop and live happily ever after. When danger comes, you can provide them with equipment and weapons, you are their training leader, you should train them so that they can protect themselves.

I think Fallout Shelter is more than a small world. The construction of your Shelter is of course the most important part of this game, but you are only a manager of the Shelter. Fallout Shelter is not the whole game, it's the main part of the game. One of the things I like about the Fallout Shelter is that it allows you to explore the wilderness. You know, the resources under the ground are always limited, there is very little for each person, you want to get everything then you have to go to the ground, even if it has become a wasteland. You can send residents to explore everything on the ground in the Fallout Shelter world to get more resources. It's also an amazing adventure that keeps conquering the unknown. You can get the easy spoils of survival, because your efforts will always be rewarded, but don't think of Fallout Shelter as just management. You need to watch out for the unguarded dangers, or you and your residents will end up with unspeakable death. Be careful while exploring Fallout Shelter, because too much greed can put you in danger, and you can fall into ruin. This game is easy to play, and you can find Fallout Shelter on ipads, iphones, and other mobile devices, so try it.


Fallout Shelter is a simulation strategy game. In the game, you need to build your own shelter to protect the fleeing people and prevent them from being attacked by monsters. In the sanctuary, you can build weapons and armor, and you can also conduct special and rigorous training on the people of the sanctuary, sending them to rebuild their homes from the ruins. What are you waiting for? Come and join me now!

How To Play

There are three areas in the current game that we need to pay attention to, which are construction, operation and combat.


Construction can be said to be a major feature of this work, our entire shelter is based on each step we need to build one footprint after another, the function of each shelter is to require us to keep building to expand out, so construction is an important issue.

In the current game, the construction of shelters requires us to spend bottle caps, and the cost of each one will gradually increase as we have more and more of the same buildings. And there is a noteworthy point in the game, that is, the same building room will be merged into a large room, usually 3 to the top to become a huge room, and at the same time when the buildings are merged its role will be enhanced.


After paying attention to the construction aspect, we need to pay attention to the operation element next. As we need to operate a large shelter, so that all the resources of the shelter is needed to take into account, otherwise it is easy to have big problems.

In the current game, we have a total of four values to pay attention to, respectively, satisfaction, electricity, food, water. Electricity, food, water these three belong to the regular resources, these three we can through the construction of power core, lunch center and water pump to constantly supply (every certain time will get part of the resources, but we need to collect to do), and satisfaction is based on the basis of the above three resources plus drugs (also through the building production) support the total results, and the game to get these resources To get these resources, we need to let people in the designated buildings to produce resources constantly, so as to ensure that our resources are supplied, but because the population will also produce consumption of resources, so control of population and resources is a very important content.


After talking about management, it's time to enter into battles. In fact, battles can be regarded as some additional special events, these events more or less have a certain impact on our entire shelter. In the current game we will encounter the following two kinds of things: external enemy invasion and cockroach invasion, in fact, these two can be regarded as external and internal battles. These two kinds of battles are the battles that we mainly have to face.

The external invasion is relatively easy to solve because the external enemy will first gather at the entrance of the shelter and attack, we can station two soldiers at the entrance of the shelter, directly blocking them outside the door. The internal invasion requires someone inside to have armament, so we can mobilize some of the people with weapons to solve.


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