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My Talking Hank
Platform :  
Size :   473.3 M
Date :   Aug 20, 2021
Version :   2.1.3
Devoloper :   Outfit7 Limited
Tags : Simulation Casual Online Creativity Classic Mini-Games Virtual Pet Management

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Editors' Review

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Cool games should be played by cool guys! I think that statement is the truth. What you can't argue with, however, is that there are very few people who can inherit cool games, which means that games like the one with the most critical reviews are not for everyone's taste. I'm a person with a tricky taste in games, and I don't understand why you should support a game unconditionally as long as it's good. In fact, if there is a flaw in a game, many people will be unhappy with it, and even think it has ruined the game. This is what you call a pot of rat poop that spoils the pot of soup. I don't think it's a big deal. It is. But I want to write a review to recommend you a game, My Talking Hank, a wonderful pet game. I think even if you've played a lot of games like it, it's hard to deny My Talking Hank's charm. Please download this game soon, or you will feel some regret. I think this game is relatively deep in my heart.

In Hawaii, everyone can enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh sea breezes. So is My Talking Hank, a little dog who needs care on one of the Hawaiian Islands. You need to help him live in a clean ocean; he has great clothes and two new hats. His closet is full of beautiful decorations that you want him to wear. I think My Talking Hank is actually very similar to the series, but it does have its differences.

Its image is very different from that of its predecessors, and it cannot be regarded as an anthropomorphic figure, because its image is more inclined to the real dog. So instead of calling My Talking Hank your friend, I suggest you call him your favorite pet. But it can talk, and you can't give up caring for its feelings no matter what the situation. My Talking Hank doesn't need feeding or soothing. He has many hobbies, but the most important one is photography. You need to help him pursue his love of photography and you can go on adventures with him to explore the Hawaiian islands. You can also take pictures of all the animals on the island, which is great. These photos can be saved in your phone album, which My Talking Hank would love.

My Talking Hank's original mechanic is still a human voice, but with a slightly different voice. You can say something interesting, for example, you can read a famous quote, or you can record a song. When My Talking Hank hears these sounds, he'll repeat them back to you in a funny voice. These are the sounds I always use to make my son laugh. My son is a five-year-old boy. Although he can understand and speak simple conversations, I don't think he can understand profound jokes. So, how can I make him happy? I was inspired by My Talking Hank. Children, especially those who have just emerged from infancy, love strange sounds. Some high-pitched sounds can attract them so much that they fall in love with them easily. So I used to let my son play with My Talking Hank, and when My son would say something, My Talking Hank would say something back in a funny voice. My son would hear that and laugh, and of course I would be happy to see him laugh. I often put a smile on my face, because I feel love passing between us. My Talking Hank is a game without any flaws and I love it.


My Talking Hank is a very fun, simulation, casual and healing mobile game. This game is the third talking AI animal game after Tom Cat and Angela. Here, players can play various games with Hank. Intimate interaction, feed him food, take him to shit, you can get a very real pet raising experience.

At the same time, this game is very friendly for those who want to keep pets but can’t. All in all, this is a very interesting mobile simulation game, players who like pets must not miss it!

How To Play

1. This is a game of collecting animal photo albums. First of all, when you first enter the game, you have to issue a series of instructions to Hank, such as feed him delicious food, take him to the toilet and swing him to sleep etc. Of course, you can complete this part by following the prompts.

2. Pay attention to that when you swing Hank to sleep, you need to adjust the time to night first, click the sun on the screen, and turn it into the moon.

3. When you have completed a series of instructions to Hank in the early stage, the time comes to the second day, at this time you will start collecting animal photos.

4. You also need to prepare some food or other items to place on the ground to attract other animals. Pay attention to that some of them are scared of Hank, so that you need to use food and toys to lure them out!

5. When the animals appear, you can use the camera to photograph them and collect them in a photo album.

6. From what has been discussed above, each level of My Talking Hank has a new goal to achieve, and you can enter the next level when you complete it.


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