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Speed the Card Game Spit Slam
Platform :  
Size :   22.32 MB
Date :   October 1, 2020
Version :   4.3.1
Devoloper :   JD SOFTWARE LLC
Tags : Classic Card

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Editors' Review

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How long have humans been playing card games? Maybe some professional scholars in the comment section can answer this question. But as far as I know, humans have been playing card games for more than a hundred years, yes, you heard that right. The card game has been in development for at least more than a hundred years from its birth. In other words, the human community has been playing card games since the day your grandmother was born. However, we don't actually know why the card game is so popular in the world. Or we simply do not know whether we are in control of the development of card games or card games are affecting our lives. Anyway, no matter what, as long as you can see groups of humans, no matter what kind of activities they are participating in, you can see card games shining in the crowd. However, with the rapid development of technology that we have now, more and more people are not satisfied with just playing solitaire games when they get together with their friends, we want to be able to start a game of solitaire whenever and wherever we want. As a result, more and more mobile games have been created based on solitaire. I think Speed the Card Game Spit Slam could be the leader among the thousands of games available in the app store. Why? Because I lost my job during this month, but I don't feel very sorry about it, because I was really concentrating on Speed the Card Game Spit Slam and I didn't want other things in my life to interfere with my playing Speed the Card Game Spit Slam. Game Spit Slam is addictive, but don't you dare stop me from playing it. The game is so charming that for a very weak-willed person like me, Speed the Card Game Spit Slam is as scary as a witch casting a spell. Here, I would like to talk about how to feel the endless charm of Speed the Card Game Spit Slam. First of all, you should know, and I just discovered it, that Speed the Card Game Spit Slam is a new card game that you don't see at other card tables, casinos, family gatherings and friends' parties. And its rules are not very difficult, so I won't go over its rules here. You can learn the rules of Speed the Card Game Spit Slam in less than 5 minutes. However, Speed the Card Game Spit Slam is known as spit or slam, and its winning condition is very clear, you just need to play all the cards in your hand to win the game. It's a very fast-paced multiplayer game, which is fine if you play Speed the Card Game Spit Slam in real life, but you can easily break a deck of cards. Because in just ten minutes you and your opponent may have already had several rounds of battle. So, you should play Speed the Card Game Spit Slam on your cell phone for the safety of your playing cards. Of course, Speed the Card Game Spit Slam is a two player game where you and your only opponent compete for the goal of playing all the cards, but you should first familiarize yourselves with all the rules of Speed the Card Game Spit Slam. In any case, you are playing Speed the Card Game Spit Slam right. You don't need to worry that you will easily lose the game either. Because Speed the Card Game Spit Slam offers a very fair ELO ranking system, according to which you can be matched with opponents of similar skill to you, you don't have to worry about being crushed or crushing others.


Speed a card game also known as Spit or Slam, is very fast-paced multiplayer game and it could result in damage to the cards -- so play this on the phone and don't ruin your actual playing cards.

How To Play

Each player is dealt five face cards to form a hand, and each player is dealt 15 cards face down to form a draw pile. If you are playing with jokers, you use them as wild cards and give each draw pile 16 cards. A stack of five cards, placed face down on each side between the players, serves as a replacement pile. Finally, two cards are placed face down in the center between the replacement piles.

-You may play a card in your hand by discarding it in the "Play Pile" if the card is 1 number/value higher or lower. (e.g. 5 can be played on a 6 or 4, a Queen can be played on a King or Jack)

-A 2 may be played on an Ace and a Ace may be played on a 2.

-You may have up to 5 cards in your hand at a single time. When you have less than 5 cards in your hand you may draw from your "Draw Pile"

-First player to play all of his/her cards wins!

Multiplayer mode's ranking system is the ELO ranking system: The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitor-versus-competitor games such as chess.

After you play speed, multiplayer card games like blackjack, solitaire, or poker will feel slow.

Games similar to Speed are spit, slam, Nertz, Pounce, Solitaire, Double Dutch, Solitaire Showdown, Truco, and Ladrãoand.



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