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Crime Auto
Platform :  
Size :   944.2 M
Date :   Apr 4, 2022
Version :   1.74
Devoloper :   Vipera Games sp. z o.o.
Tags : Action Simulator Auto

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Editors' Review

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You can do all you want in a world without any rules, but you have to act in a place full of rules of law, or you will get bad consequences. I used to fantasize that I could become one of the most unruly people in the world, and I could do all things as I wanted in my heart, but the reality of work pressure, family pressure and survival pressure deprived me of this idea. So I had to bow to reality and restrain my unrealistic ideas. However, even if the real world was unable to achieve the fulfillment of my dreams, I should not allow myself to sink into infinite sadness. I decided to look elsewhere for a solution. Some time ago I got a taste of the possibility of making my dream come true in open world games. I tried about ten open world games, and while I was basically satisfied with all of them, it wasn't enough. I needed to feel the sincerity of the game company in the details. So I didn't stop looking for two weeks until I found Crime Auto, a very lit open world game. I've decided to break it down into several layers so that you have a good idea of what it is before you start playing the game and it's going to take a little bit of patience.

I would say that the biggest aspect of Crime Auto is freedom. You can do what you want freely, because this is your city and you are not restricted to do whatever you want. Have you ever thought about the joy of freedom? Or have you ever felt the joy of freedom? If you've never felt them before, you can give Crime Auto a try, you really have no limits in this game. This freedom has two aspects. First, you can realize the freedom in identity or role. You can become a thief and steal all the valuable vehicles in the city, and you can steal all the valuable things in the city. You can also choose to be a boss, all the Mafia is your hand, you can rule the city through various means, if someone dares to against your rule, you can use various ways to torture him or let him give up his idea with other method, it can make you feel a certain status. You can also be a Mafia godfather, because in Crime Auto your options are unlimited, you don't embarrass yourself, no one does.

Crime, a horrible word, is a constant theme in Crime Auto, and everything you do in this game has to do with Crime in one way or another. You're a plane snatching criminal first, and once you own a plane, you can shoot people in Crime Auto, or use planes to destroy buildings. You are also a car thief, and of course cars include some weapons you would never dream of, namely tanks. You use these weapons to rule the city. In a freewheeling heart, it's a paradise of Crime, and you don't have to carry any burden with Crime Auto, because no one dares to regulate your behavior. Crime is a constant theme of Crime Auto.

Of course, the other aspect that Crime Auto allows me to talk about is free. A lot of people worry that if I want to play high-quality games, I'll be stuck with money. It's not a paid game, it's a free game, and it doesn't charge money or advertise in any case. The smooth, fun game is hard to miss, isn't it?


Crime Auto is a shooting role-playing mobile game, the game has an open world, realistic city modeling, perfect simulation of the city of Los Angeles, players can freely explore in this open world, and super multi-tasking waiting for you to challenge. The game uses a third-person shooting angle, and there are many types of weapons. You can use high-end weapons such as machine guns, missiles, rifles, and even rockets, many of which are collected in cities. Complete all tasks in the challenge to get all the rewards. Are you ready for the challenge?

How To Play

You are one of the kids from street dreaming about power, money, and supercars.But you have no prospects for a better life. When you meet godfather Tommy, his right hand Frank, and Micheal, your life changes completely. You start to make tasks and missions that will help you advance in mafia ranks. Besides, you start earning huge amounts of money and attracting the attention of women. From theft to mafia grand gangster godfather.The dream begins to come true.



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