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Block City Wars: Mafia Town
Platform :  
Size :   970.6 M
Date :   Jun 29, 2021
Version :   7.2.2
Devoloper :   KADEXO LIMITED
Tags : Minecraft Simulator Auto

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Editors' Review

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I like to watch some exciting movies since I was young. Some scenes in the movies make people's blood pumping and heart rate quickening. However, in the real world, we live in a world governed by law and order, and it is difficult to realize our dream of being brave. Therefore, I felt that I had to find something to replace all this unrealistic fantasy in order to satisfy my own pleasure.Mafia is Italy's strong, it is also our world's number one organization.Mafia elements in games always give the game a taste of crime. If you're hungry for adventure, if you're hungry for treasure in the exciting world of licking blood on the edge, then you can't miss Block City Wars Mafia Town. It gave me a shock far less than a major earthquake.

There are many reasons why I recommend Block City Wars Mafia Town, but I don't want to say them all at once. Because I'm not going to let my reasons become your reasons, I'm just going to give you the curiosity to try it out. Of course, my review will definitely be your motivation. Block City Wars Mafia Town combines at least two elements. Judging from the name of the game, its key words are Block and Mafia. First of all, the screen of Block City Wars Mafia Town is just like any other sandbox game. Everything in the game is made up of blocks. In other words, when you play this game, you feel as if you are playing some games you have played before. What you have to do is different, because it doesn't encourage you to collect resources like those original sandbox games. You don't have to build houses or create unknown elements that don't exist in a Block City Wars Mafia Town world. All you have to do in this game is finish the tasks Mafia Boss gives you. Rest assured, these tasks are not difficult because of your ability, AND I know you as gamers are not averse to difficult tasks, but you are worried about exciting tasks. My demo showed me that the quests in Block City Wars Mafia Town were really exciting. I think the game is really interesting. It's a combination of blocks and Mafia, so you and I can fight in the cities built in this game.

Of course, Block City Wars Mafia Town demo also showed me that you can't understand it in the same way as a sandbox game. This game is like any other crime game where you try to get great cars. These cars are like your MEDALS, and the more you earn or unlock, the stronger your ability, the more influence you have in the game. Block City Wars Mafia Town contains more than thirty vehicles, all of which you can see in real life or imagine in the game. Of course, vehicles refer to a wide range, such as helicopters and other flying vehicles can be found in the game. In my opinion, Block City Wars Mafia Town, which is terrible, thrilling and exciting, also reflects the comprehensiveness of weapons. The weapons in this game are simply amazing. At first, I thought that the weapons I would get after completing the mission were only old weapons such as rifles or clubs. Their lethality was limited and they could not destroy the enemy at one time. But I was totally wrong. Block City Wars Mafia Town also created weapons for players, including grenade launchers, tanks, and other earth-destroying things. If you collect these things, then I believe that your enemy can fly far without wings. I think this is too strong. The freedom of mobile games is reflected not only in the freedom of players, but also in the game itself. Block City Wars Mafia Town, you deserve it.


Block City Wars is an action shooter with the same pixel graphics as Minecraft. Once you come to this vast pixel world and complete the game missions, you can experience the thrill of destroying enemies in the process of theft, racing and parkour. Block City Wars is a multiplayer shooter on a great map! Play cyber warfare! Take part in massively multiplayer challenges of big cities! Become a hero of the city center! Choose your character in the hero room and join the great battles! Experience survival missions! Collect all the coins, destroy enemies and drive cool cars in the city of neighborhoods!

How To Play

The game play and operation is very similar to GTA, click on the left side of the screen to move, click on the right side of the screen to move the perspective, there are attack and jump keys in the lower right corner, there are fists, sticks, guns and other weapons on it.


When approaching the car, the get in/get out button will also appear, and players can drive the pixel version of the luxury car around, using gravity sensing to control the direction.


The game has two modes: survival and online. In survival mode, players destroy everywhere and survive enemy attacks; in online mode, players create rooms and network with players around the world, or join them directly.


The game has a variety of pixel characters to choose from, for both men and women, and a store with weapons such as bat and AK that can be purchased with the money earned. 


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    i like this game it soo fun i play it all the time
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    I love this game
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    good is good the game
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    cool man
    i like this game its so fun and hi am new to this game
  • By emmanuel
    hi people

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