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City Police Gangster Revenge
Platform :  
Size :   257 M
Date :   Nov 20, 2021
Version :   1.0.5
Devoloper :   Haroon Abbas
Tags : Action iOS Simulator Auto

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Editors' Review

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City Police Gangster Revenge, published by Haroon Abbas, is an excellent gangster revenge game, in which you will be tasked with multiple gangster revenge tasks and sensational Miami police crime tasks. Currently, the game is available on both iOS AppStore and Google Play.

The game has engaging and exciting storyline. Miami gangsters are so arrogant that some of their members kill your colleagues and stole the police car. And you, as a well ranked police officer, are chosen to accept the challenge of the Orleans police and participate in the Miami police crime mission. You need to find the gangster mansion, where you have to eradicate all the gangsters who kill the police, arrest the criminals and bring back the stolen cars.

In this game, you can drive a variety of police vehicles, including police bikes, police cars, and even airplanes. You are able to enjoy a realistic open world driving experience in this game, where you can even turn around and choose another path while driving! And please note that the plane needs to slow down properly when landing!

In addition to driving, you can also get the best shooting experience in this game. After finding the gangster mansion, you can use various modern weapons and your superior shooting skills to kill all the gangsters there, rescue your team from them, and retrieve the police vehicle.

What’s more, the game is basically designed with the process of issuing - completing tasks. Players will receive specific task instructions in each level, and they are able to enter the next level by completing them. The tasks will become more diverse as the plot unfolds, such as shooting the gangsters in the mansion, retrieving the stolen police car, taking the police plane to Malibu Island to carry our special task, and cooperating with other police forces to search and arrest the gangsters.

Pros and Cons


The game’s 3D graphics are good and remarkable.

The game offers players realistic driving experience, which means that they must follow certain traffic rules when driving police vehicles, such as not crossing fences, hitting roadside tress and barbed wire, etc.

Although the game is set in an open world, it is not hard to find the specific location to carry out the task. As the final destination will be prominently marked on the screen, and no matter which route you choose, you just need to be able to reach the destination to complete the task.

The game is featured with rhythmic soundtrack like realistic car engine and aircraft engine sound, creating a tense atmosphere.

The game’s operation is user-friendly. Although you need to drive a variety of vehicles like motorcycles, cars, airplanes, etc., the manipulation method is not too different. You only need to control the direction and speed, and then you can freely manipulate any vehicles.

The game’s playability is relatively strong. There are several thrilling and challenging Miami police tasks. And in the process of completing multiple tasks players will immerse themselves in the game and keep coming back for more.


Although it is an open world game, the player does not seem to encounter other vehicles on the street in the process of driving, which makes the game lacks a certain authenticity.

Game Review

City Police Gangster Revenge is a combination of driving game, shooting game and classic police dueling game, making the game very playable. Players can enjoy smooth controls, stunning 3D graphics, and realistic sound effects while completing a variety of thrilling police missions. All in all, this is a game not to be missed.


City Police Gangster Revenge is a gun shooting mobile game, in which players need to play a justice police officer, use their excellent shooting skills to ensure the safety of the city, and shoot all kinds of criminals. The graphics of the game is quite beautiful, and many details are perfectly presented to the players, which can bring you excellent visual effects. Of course, this is also a very realistic third-person shootout game. In the game, you will be a policeman who maintains urban order. In the process of fighting crime, your policeman and your best friend who were unfortunately killed. In order to avenge him, the road of revenge began, but with the frequent occurrence of various cases, you will find that there are still more hidden secrets.

How To Play

This is a 3D action simulator game centered on the theme of police and gangsters. In the game, you play as a police officer, and your duty and mission is to capture these gangsters.

1. You need to arrive at the crime location within the specified time to stop the criminals from escaping and kill or capture them.

2. The third-person perspective allows you to observe the environment in all directions and choose the most favorable combat position.

3. In the game, you can also use helicopters to fight, shoot down enemy helicopters to get a lot of money and increase honor points.

4. When rushing to the destination, use the police car to turn on the siren to quickly clear a road to avoid hitting the citizen and deduct the money.

5. Please note that killing citizens while killing criminals will lower your character score and possibly fail the mission.


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