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Block Craft 3D: Building Games
Platform :  
Size :   149.2 M
Date :   Feb 14, 2022
Version :   3.1.49
Devoloper :   Fun Games For Free
Tags : Minecraft Simulation Casual 3D

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Editors' Review

Block Craft 3D: Building Games ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

I'm going to ask you once, are current games creative enough on mobile? It's a difficult question to answer, because there are so many game categories on the market right now, and many game manufacturers rack their brains and fail to come up with the right game to make players happy. However, there is another way to think about it, and that is to give up on the creation of game manufacturers and develop the creativity of players. Sounds like a good idea? How do you do that? The answer, I think, is to encourage people to play sandbox games. I love these games because I'm also a big fan of freedom. Freedom can bring me not only a creative leap, but also a filling of satisfaction. Block Craft 3D Building Games is one of my favorite sandbox Games, and my feelings for this game, well, how can I put it?I honestly think it does have some merit, and it's a great sandbox game that deserves to be recommended.

I would like to introduce some gameplay of Block Craft 3D Building Games first. It's not a hard game to learn, and you can quickly figure out what you need to do in the world. But you can't master all the details of the game quickly because there are too many of them. Speaking of the game's backstory, I don't think that's something that can be explained. A common problem with sandbox games is that the story is not logically designed, so it doesn't need to be noticed. Block Craft 3D Building Games also struggled with the story. So my advice to you, players, when you play Block Craft 3D Building Games, is not to worry about the story. I would say that what you need to focus on is where creativity comes in, and that's where sandbox games really are. When I play this game, I tend to make a lot of things that I can make. Just like the name of Block Craft 3D Building Games, these small blocks contain many unknown possibilities. I don't know what combination of them can produce, so I keep trying and write down the possibility of successful combination. These things are awesome, and I love trying new combinations, so I'm going to keep trying until I get it all right. But I do not think that it would be the whole thing of it.

I think creativity is not only the essence of Block Craft 3D Building Games, it is also the strength of Block Craft 3D Building Games. However, we should not focus too much on creativity in this game. You can get a different kind of happiness by building houses. A lot of people, when they play these games, they don't try to combine the blocks, they just keep building because they like to build. Players build from blocks, a mobile phone, and then design and build their own houses to their satisfaction. And that's really nice, because in the real world, it's hard to get involved in building a house because your life is already filled up with other work. You don't have enough materials or money to build, and you don't have free open ground to build on. This dream should be completed by Block Craft 3D Building Games. I think this is a kind of alternative realization of dreams. Many ideas in childhood can now be made true through Games. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does have its advantages, so try out the Block Craft 3D Building Games and you'll never regret it.


Can create everything you like!

Can let your buildings spread all over the world!

Build your own city!

Let people live and work in peace and contentment! Create a perfect paradise.

How To Play


Ready to start construction! Build a series of buildings such as houses, schools, or mines.

You can decorate your own buildings, this is your city, you can decorate whatever you want!


Play with pets! Adopt cats, dogs, even ponies and elephants!

Visit friends:

Explore! You can visit your friend's city, whose city is the largest? You can see their construction and help them, multiplayer games are fun!

Creation and revenue:

You can create your own streets, special furniture and architectural blueprints, and you can exchange them for a large number of precious stones!


  • By nathan
    i hate this game boooooooooooo
  • By noah.kaloutani
    I want to play thiss game
  • By nathan
    I hate it it is SO HARD to control!
  • By Bradley Southgate
    this game is soo cool
  • By kayleigh
    I love this game!
  • By SomeThingElse
    This game is like a 10 star, and this game is better than Tellurion Mobiles game
  • By not telling my name
    i love it so cool
  • By john villavicencio
    Some of the best games I ever played
  • By amber
    i love this game is so cool
  • By John
    Some of the best games I ever played

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