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Police Simulator Cop Car Duty
Platform :  
Size :   273.14M
Date :   Feb 25, 2022
Version :   1.31
Devoloper :   freeonlinegames.com
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

Police Simulator Cop Car Duty ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Being a policeman is a very dangerous profession. In the police world, where danger and gunfights are so common that many people avoid them, why would anyone want to go near them? But for people with a natural sense of adventure, becoming a police officer and catching criminals can be exhilarating. That's why people keep watching cop shows, which I think is a very reasonable thing to do if you can imagine yourself as a cop fighting crime while keeping yourself safe. However, I recommend a more realistic and effective way to do this, and that is to play a game about cops. Police Simulator Cop Car Duty is the mobile game I recommend to you. First of all, I'm here to say that I'm not a PC gamer, because I decided that sitting in front of a computer playing games is not good for my health, so I play computer games, they are free, you can play anytime, anywhere. Let's focus on the game itself, Police Simulator Cop Car Duty is a realistic Police Car simulation game, you can patrol in a huge environment, of course, the environment is mainly in the city, which is unconsciously the same as the Police Car you see, right? You can explore the world in The Police Simulator Cop Car Duty, and you won't be constrained by unreasonable restrictions. You have to trust that in the Police Simulator Cop Car Duty, you are a free Cop driving a Police Car.

I decided to recommend this game to you for three main reasons. You can read my review to get a preliminary understanding of Police Simulator Cop Car Duty. First of all, what is the purpose of the game? I don't think you know the purpose of Police Simulator Cop Car Duty if you haven't played it. In my mind, it's the pursuit of authenticity. Police Simulator Cop Car Duty provides authenticity everywhere. When you use a police car to track down a criminal vehicle, you get hit or shot, and those injuries have real feedback. You can experience incredible vehicle injuries in the Police Simulator Cop Car Duty, where every bump and scratch of your Police is observed. Of course, authenticity also includes the real pleasure of driving. Look at Police Simulator Cop Car Duty, the word Simulator indicates that the game has a driving purpose. Players can play it while falling into the illusion of playing a racing game. In a typical driving or racing game, players are usually the villain, the object or target being chased by the Police, but in the Police Simulator Cop Car Duty, you are the righteous Cop, and your job is to catch up with them and arrest them.

For the second reason I recommend Police Simulator Cop Car Duty, we should implement its infinity. This game can provide players with unlimited fun because the task of the game a lot, I mean, the task a lot of the meaning of infinity, you as the task of the police is endless, for example, hostage rescue, police chases, seepage beaten and arrested criminal dens, wild or gang members, protection and escort important vehicles and so on. This is a mirror of the real world and a kind of feedback. You can certainly use the power of the Police with a variety of weapons, such as desert Eagles, M16 rifles, grenades and more powerful toys, and you won't regret becoming a Police Simulator Cop Car Duty.

The third reason for recommending Police Simulator Cop Car Duty is simple, it is a game that is highly playable, you can use its social features to achieve multiplayer, that is, online multiplayer, it is allowed, you don't feel alone ,Perhaps these three reasons are enough to convince you to download and play the Police Simulator Cop Car Duty.


Police Simulator Cop Car Duty is a very fun racing simulation game. Players will experience various emergencies in this game, and plays a righteous policeman. Your daily task is to protect the city. There will be a variety of weapons and vehicles to challenge.

How To Play

Players play the role of a policeman in the game. In order to maintain the peace of the city, how could there be less patrolling around, and patrolling must use a car. The following I will bring you how to drive in a police simulator.

First of all, you go to the equipment store of the police station and collect your equipment first, which includes the police car key. You cannot drive without this key. It is best to collect it before the mission.

Secondly, after receiving the task, go to the parking lot of the police station. In fact, most of the police cars here are the same. Select your own police car, then approach the left cockpit, click the E button to open the door, and then it will automatically ignite.

After that, it is to control the vehicle, W is the accelerator acceleration, S is the brake to reverse, A is the left turn, D is the right turn, and then go to the task location and follow the navigation.

As a final reminder, you are a police officer, and you have to obey the traffic rules in the city.



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