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Goat Simulator
Platform :  
Size :   548.9 M
Date :   Dec 14, 2021
Version :   2.0.5
Devoloper :   Coffee Stain Publishing
Tags : Action Simulator

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Editors' Review

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Goat Simulator is a video game developed and released in the year of 2014 by a Swedish game studio. After the release, it has gained so much popularity across the globe up until today.The success of this game is absolutely huge.

I would like to recommend this game to you no matter what age group you belong to for the following reasons.

First of all, the most satisfying thing for players is its very delicate 3D animation and realistic sound effects, which are the highlights of Goat Simulator. Sometimes, when you are immersed in the game, you will even have the illusion that you are really a goat in the game. What makes this game different from other similar kinds of game is that it doesn't have an opening animation. So as soon as you start this game, you can play it instead of waiting for a short period of time, isn’t that wonderful?

The gameplay is very simple. The player plays the role of a goat, and you have the goat's perspective, but you don't know whether the goat is male or female, of course, this is not very important for the game. In addition, although the name of the game is called Goat Simulation, this goat is totally different from its counterpart in real life, because the goat in real life is comparatively docile and submissive, waiting to be fed all day long, but the goat in this game seems to have human’s unique consciousness. And it appears really funny, it is because that this goat seems to be very angry and very impulsive and it has so much hatred in its heart. It likes to mess up and create chaos. It can randomly bump to anything in its way regardless of whether it will cause damage to it. 

If it hits a car head-on , and the car causes an explosion afterwards, the goat will be pushed far away by the shock wave, but the goat will also act like nothing has happened. It doesn't care if it has the likelihood to be hurt or not. Wherever the goat passes by will become a huge mess, and it also causes a headache for the neighbors and people passing by. But players don't have to worry if this game is a bit violent or not, this game is absolutely free of any inappropriate content such as violence and pornography, so even children can play this game. This goat just really likes to mess up and make mischief, and it can also do a lot of things that humans can do like ride a motorcycle or  hop on a bike, and when you see a goat on a bike, I can make sure you will be amused a lot by its funny postures. You can let the goat do some challenging activities such as running on the treadmill as well. You can have access to some points and other rewards by doing these difficult activities, and the rewards can unlock other functions of the game.

The only downside is that this game has a few bugs, such as sometimes you have a lag when playing the game, but this problem has been taken seriously by the game developers, and this problem has been greatly improved. All in all, this is a game that will make you laugh and bring you tons of fun! Hopefully you guys can download and enjoy it!


Goat Simulation is a spoof action simulation game from Coffee Stain Studio, featuring the same title, a goat with no sense of humor and no brain. In the game, players have to control this goat in a simulation of the world of adventure, exploration, and most importantly, let it use a variety of ways to "death" and looking for death.


The player controls a goat and in the game simulates the goat to cause as much damage as possible. As for the goats, even the sky is not a limit for them, as the player may interrupt it and crash the game.


There are some interesting bugs in the game that will make the experience fun! Unlike other games that are ruined by bugs, the game bugs are the biggest highlight of the game. The core gameplay of the game is relatively simple. The game will be able to bring us laughter.

How To Play

Tired of human life, you are welcome to be a goat, come and read everything you can see! Accumulate your energy to topple humans, tables, cars, and everything else, and make a critical strike! Clash is also a very good skill, you can also jump, and you will get extra points for drilling through various secret tunnels.


  • By wiwy
    i love this game
  • By Adriel
    It is so fun and funny hahaha
  • By jazmine villa
    i love this game
  • By odin
    goat simulator is the best.
    this goat is very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • By Zain
    i love it its the best
  • By bob
  • By Mia
    This is a very interesting game
  • By jaiyanahp08232
    my brother play this game
  • By mucia
    love it

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