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Platform :  
Size :   863.4M
Date :   Jan 17, 2022
Version :   5.0.2
Devoloper :   BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Tags : Action Strategy Online Story Anime 2D

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Editors' Review

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

I guess the game I’m about to introduce will make many comic book fans scream. I think many people have read Dragon Ball, which is a popular comic book all over the world. Now, seven Dragon Ball out of an action-type game. It was called Dragon Ball Z DOKKAN BATTLE by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Company development.

The latest version of the game, Dokkan, is based on the classic game of the Dragon Ball. Show your strength in the game and bring your friends, go together to the most real and unreal world, and find the Dragon Ball in the endless battle to become the new powerful adventurers!

Dragon Ball Z DOKKAN BATTLE combines cards, chessboards, and elemental elimination. The player only needs to click on the picture “The spirit” to experience the ultra-high-speed combat in the battle. The battle picture also is the entire vigor point! In the game, the player needs to weave into the team and use the role characteristic in the group to let the player experience the more heartily dripping combat! While the game may seem complicated and challenging to play, the opposite is true.

Seven Dragon Ball burst on action animation using a super fresh and simple method! Gorgeous anime battles have simple but addictive gameplay. Take time to play at your own pace, and this is the perfect database game to play wherever you are! When you are ready and powered up, you can use Saiyan and other powerful super attacks to complete the attack on the enemy. Let the enemy fly!

You can organize your Dragon Ball team and create the most potent fighting force in the game! Don’t forget, and you must train your favorite database characters and awaken them to new realms of power! This way, once you’ve prepared, you can collect enough ki spheres to activate the super attack, just like in anime. All the favorites are here to experience Epic 2D illustrations and animations. Players can fully experience the ability to use simple controls to release powerful character skills without the need for complex operations to complete a variety of combat.

Players only need to find the enemy weakness strategy release role skills, more strategic card combat. In the game, exquisite reduction lets you imitate entering the actual Dragon Ball world and surmounts the intense explosive battle to bring the vast game experience.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has a great mobile gaming experience, so be sure to keep your headphones on when you play. This animated action puzzle game features beautifully illustrated 2D visuals and animations in the Dragon Ball world. The timeline is thrown into disarray as past, and present DB characters face a new and exciting battle! Experience a unique story and save Dragon Ball’s world! The game is also set up in great detail, with multiple battlefields and a panoramic sky view.

Since it is based on animation, there is no scene diversity in the battlefield pattern. In the game that relies on a flight, the aerial dance combat that forms are a significant work characteristic. The game also restores the features. With the large scene without borders, players can control multiple characters in the air freely flying and select the role of an extraordinary attack on the enemy.

Overall, this is a very cool game. High-quality graphics and dynamic sound effects can quickly bring players into the world of Dragonballs; the game is easy to operate, friendly to the novice. Dragon Ball is a very well-made but conscious game that the players must not miss!


Dragon Ball Z DOKKAN BATTLE is a fighting mobile game adapted from the classic Dragon Ball game. Players collect various characters to fight in the game. The game is created in the style of animation and comics, and it is full of strategy. Those who are interested in this game, come to have a challenge!

How To Play

Since there will be a team mode in the game, there must be elements of strengthening or synthesis for the skills of the characters. The character selected by the player in the game will hit all the opponents, and then obtain the corresponding experience points, and when the training is over, the cards used as materials will automatically disappear. When the character level reaches the maximum, the consumption of specific items can also evolve. After evolution, the character’s rarity and ability value will be greatly increased.

In addition, the props in the game are also divided into battle aids and evolution rewards. Most props players can obtain in maze exploration, but some rare materials are hard to start. This setting will cause some pain for players, but for players who like in-app purchases, there is basically no need to consider this problem.


  • By johnathan
    i want to play it every day
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    hi I love dragon ball z because they are great
  • By Skilar
    I play Dragon Ball Every Day Bro
  • By Bray
    I love Dragon Ball
  • By Brody Adam
    dragon ball z is my faroite game bro
  • By Rasheem r Campbell
    I love dragon ball z
  • By kalel
    dragon ball z dokkan battle Bro
  • By Gavin
    my childhood game

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