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Zombie Tsunami
Platform :  
Size :   202.8 MB
Date :   Jan 19, 2024
Version :   4.5.133
Devoloper :   Mobigame SAS
Tags : Action

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Editors' Review

Zombie Tsunami absolutely delivers on its promise of an enjoyable, arcade-style zombie infection simulator. The main gameplay loop of tapping on zombies to make them jump into humans is very straightforward, yet highly addictive. There’s a real sense of dark humor and fun to be had in amassing a gigantic horde of the undead as you tap furiously to consume every last screaming human.


The physics-driven is a highlight, with zombies and humans exaggeratedly ragdolling through the air after huge jumps and hits. Collision detection feels very polished, allowing you to accurately land on specific targets. The graphics have a vibrant, cartoony look that lends well to the game’s playful personality.


A variety of environments, zombies, humans, and obstacles keep gameplay feeling fresh across the hundreds of levels. New types of zombies with useful abilities, like the Jumper for extra height or Bomber for explosive attacks, add more strategy and power to your undead army. Level goals and challenges also provide plenty of replayability.


The only real downside is that gameplay does start feeling repetitive after a while in longer play sessions. However, the addictive nature of continuously growing your horde and rapid pace of levels make it easy to keep coming back for more.


Zombie Tsunami is a fun and addictive arcade game developed by Mobigames SAS in which you control a horde of zombies trying to infect as many humans as possible. Released in 2013, the game quickly became popular thanks to its simple but engaging gameplay, cute graphics, and funny physics-based animation.


In Zombie Tsunami, you start out with just a few zombie characters wandering through a city scene. Tap on the zombies to make them jump, and try to land on humans to infect them and add them to your undead horde. Each human you hit spawns more zombies to help you on your quest to take over the world. The gameplay is very easy to pick up, just tap and swipe to guide your zombies as they relentlessly chase down every last human.


Part of the charm of Zombie Tsunami is its cartoony art style and over-the-top ragdoll physics as zombies and humans go flying through the air. The zombies themselves are cute rather than scary, bringing some humor and fun to the zombie apocalypse theme. As you progress, you’ll unlock various zombie types with different abilities to help spread your infection even further.


With its simple tap-based controls, physics-driven gameplay, and funny presentation, Zombie Tsunami offers some lightweight undead fun for casual gamers looking to kill some time on their mobile devices.

How To Play

Getting started in Zombie Tsunami is very straightforward. On the main screen, tap on the zombies wandering around to make them jump into the air. When zombies land on humans, those humans get infected and turn into zombies themselves, joining your ever-growing horde.


The goal is to infect as many humans as possible by guiding your zombies to jump on them. Tap repeatedly to keep the zombies jumping, allowing them to cover more distance. Swipe left or right to make the zombies change direction in mid-air. Time your jumps carefully to land squarely on top of humans to infect them quickly.


As you infect more humans, your zombie horde will grow in number. This makes it easier to quickly overwhelm more humans, spreading your infection even faster. Combos and multipliers are awarded for infecting humans in rapid succession without touching the ground, increasing your score.


Occasionally humans fight back, shooting at your zombies or throwing explosives to blow them into the air. Guide your zombies to dodge gunfire and explosives. If a zombie gets taken out, just keep infecting more humans to replenish your ranks.


Certain items like sports equipment or vehicles can also be used to extend your jumps. Tap on trampolines, skateboards, or cars to bounce your zombies higher into the air, allowing them to cover more distance.


Various missions and challenges will appear, like infecting specific types of humans or jumping over certain distances. Complete these added objectives to earn coins and unlock powerups that can boost your zombies’ speed, jumping power, and more.


With its simple, addictive gameplay, funny physics, and growing zombie army mechanics, Zombie Tsunami offers some lightweight undead action that gradually becomes more frantic and engaging the more humans you infect.



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