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Number Master: Run and merge
Platform :  
Size :   125.3 MB
Date :   Nov 21, 2022
Version :   1.0.0
Devoloper :   KAYAC Inc.
Tags : Action

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Editors' Review

How does a parkour game that compares sizes and adds numbers to them play out? Today, we suggest KAYAC Inc.'s Number Master: Run and Merge, an action parkour mobile game with a basis in computation. Players in the game control the numbers, gather numbers of the same hue to fortify themselves, compete with other players at the bottom of the level using a variety of numbers, and win to unlock a new world.


The art of "Number Master: Run and merge" uses an oblique 45-degree God's perspective with the standard 3D stereoscopic style of parkour games to give each digital character portrayed in the isoline a crisp, clear visual effect. The overall appearance and feel of the game are light and inviting thanks to the straightforward color scheme and minimal aesthetic design. Players may pay more attention to the gameplay itself and concentrate on the changes in the figures thanks to the straightforward color scheme.


From the actual experience, "Number Master: Run and merge" is more like a software that can be used as a learning tool for children to improve their oral arithmetic and understand the difference between the size of numbers through the game. Children will be interested in the action-packed gameplay of parkour. For adults, it is also a good choice as a casual and stress-free mindless game with relatively low difficulty, you just need to avoid the huge numbers in the level to pass the level and start a new journey.


On the other hand, the singular gameplay and lack of variation in "Number Master: Run and Merge" serves as the game's Achilles' heel. While several rivals have already combined managerial features with parkour games, this game still only features one gameplay, which will undoubtedly have an impact on user retention. Another flaw in the game is that there are no skin settings.


If you are a fan of parkour games, if you have a fondness for number-based games, if you want to exercise your oral arithmetic or estimation skills, then please do not easily miss "Number Master: Run and merge".


The ability to add and match numbers in the game is Number Master: Run and Merge's main feature. You move numbers in this game based on numbers to swallow and absorb smaller numbers while avoiding larger numbers with distinct properties. Additionally, the level contains active chainsaws, ditches, and other traps that are just waiting for you to cross them. A surprising chemical reaction is produced when dynamic parkour and only numbers are combined.


Number Master: Run and merge is now rated 4.3 and ranked No. 3 on Google Play's official list of the top free games. It has received more than 5 million downloads overall, has content that has been deemed suitable for all ages, and has received close to 5,000 reviews.

How To Play

Players control the numbers as they move through the levels in the typical action parkour game Number Master: Run and Merge. The numbers are within the player's control as they advance through the levels and develop. They eat purple numbers as they expand to raise their values. To ensure their life, avoid the red digits. Reach the bottom of the level to compare with other numbers and get fantastic rewards after avoiding gullies and other traps and obstacles. There are several obstacles on each level, and as the level goes on, there are more of them.



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