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Police Car Chase Cop Simulator
Platform :  
Size :   178.4 M
Date :   Mar 12, 2021
Version :   1.1
Devoloper :   MH Production
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

Police Car Chase Cop Simulator ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Pure car chases are always a way to ignite your passion, and I've found that the games that women enjoy are the ones that are more gentle, where they can feel the same sense of accomplishment. Men, on the other hand, prefer games that are exciting and action-packed. This may be because there are innate differences between men and women, but it should also be noted that the love of games for both men and women cannot be explained. Like car games, you can't explain why I'm addicted to them in any way, but it happens in every aspect of everyday life. The game I recommend is called Police Car Chase Cop Simulator. Once you see the name, you will know what the game is about. In this city, you are a police officer chasing down a target on the road. You don't need to shoot or assassinate your criminal, you just need to try to stop him with your police car. I would like to use this review to discuss the advantages of Police Car Chase Cop Simulator from several aspects. I hope you will like this review and this game after reading it.

First, the most important thing I should mention is that Police Car Chase Cop Simulator is a free game. The point is, the game promises no extra fees, and you can get some satisfaction by spending a little time downloading the Police Car Chase Cop Simulator without spending a penny. Of course, some people are bound to wonder if Police Car Chase Cop Simulator is a game that isn't very playable if it's free. I can't speak for everyone on this point, but I agree with the playability of Police Car Chase Cop Simulator. The reason for this is that you can see the obvious level badge upgrade system in the game. In this game, there are 12 level badges available and you can advance your level by doing different tasks. You don't get bored easily, and that's what keeps you going. You'll find yourself being chased for all sorts of different reasons, for drunk driving, speeding, running red lights. In fact, the above illegal behavior is very normal, these things even you and I are very common, maybe there are some between us also do such things, I think we should be alert, otherwise there will be a police car to chase us one day. When I was playing Police Car Chase Cop Simulator and saw an outrageous Chase to catch a stolen Car, I thought it was almost black humor. You know, a lot of people know that they like to play violent games, where they are Car thieves, and in a Police Car Chase Cop Simulator, where you are being chased by the Police. So I would like to urge you to abide by the law and not to substitute the views and ideologies of violent games into real life.

I think the Car system of Police Car Chase Cop Simulator has done a good job, you can choose a large number of types of cars in this game, but this is not the biggest feature of Police Car Chase Cop Simulator. One of the things I'd like to praise about this game is the dynamic drift camera Angle. This is how you can appreciate the reaction of your excellent driving skills in the chase, and you can control how many times you want in this camera playback force. Trust the quality of Police Car Chase Cop Simulator, you won't see any lag playback in this game. This game is really GOAT!


Police Car Chase Cop Simulator is a very interesting racing game. In the game, players need to play the role of a policeman driving a police car to launch a tense and exciting pursuit of criminals. The tasks in the game are very rich, and completing the tasks will get rich game rewards. The game scene is also very rich. Players can experience the real fun of police car driving in the game. If you like to play games full of adventure, you must try this game. Enjoy real police car driving in modern city environment and complete missions in as short a time as possible!

How To Play

1. Drive three realistically reconstructed police cars with functional cockpits and use the onboard computer to identify wanted suspects and stolen vehicles.

2. Start with a typical police sedan and swap out for all-terrain SUVs and fast police cars as the game progresses.

3. In an emergency, use the siren to stop the car or pave the way in heavy traffic.

4. If your car crashes or is damaged, not only will you have noticeable crash deformation, but the handling of the car will also become more difficult.

5. Get coins to upgrade or buy more powerful police cars and enjoy the fun of this extreme hurricane.

6. Speed up and overtake him to stop him or choose to crash him and make your way to stop the car and catch those criminals.

7. There is a unique skill system in the game, and each skill has a unique upgrade system. You can make yourself stronger by upgrading skills! 


  • By kisen
    l love that game!!!
  • By Aryan
    I like the game

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