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Need for Speed No Limits
Platform :  
Size :   61M
Date :   2020/10/22
Version :   4.8.41
Devoloper :   Electronic Arts
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

Need for Speed No Limits ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Since I turned 24, I've been feeling less and less passionate about something. I used to like basketball very much, but now I don't play it very much. Even on weekends when I am completely free, I would rather lie down or play games to enjoy the time, and I don't want to make myself feel tired. I saw a game a few days ago that sounded familiar to me: Need for Speed No Limits. It's a classic PC game. I don't know how to describe it, praise it, or criticize it. It's really a classic game. The first good game I played was Need for Speed No Limits. Well, I thought it was fun, but Need for Speed No Limits was a bit boring compared to the other games I played growing up, so I gradually gave up on Need for Speed No Limits.

However, my requirements for fun have dropped several times since I was a kid when it came to games. As long as there is a game that can make me feel relaxed. So I looked for inspiration from my past experience and found Need for Speed No Limits in the App store. Note that, from this point on, what I mean by Need for Speed No Limits is Need for Speed No Limits running on your phone. I don't think the AD for the game is exaggerated at all, you are crowned king of the underground, but I think Need for Speed No Limits is the real king. The story of the game is different from one game to another, that's not the point, you just need to know how to drive your car to win, and get a more powerful car with the rewards from winning. You need to make your choice now and never regret it.I would like to say something about the characteristics of Need for Speed No Limits. I hope that after reading this article, you will be lured out of your past feelings and become a happy beneficiary of gaming like me.

Need for Speed No Limits gives us the ability to customize extreme rides. You can see cars that actually exist in the real world from top automakers. Need for Speed No Limits will also have a game version of it, and No famous cars will be left out. But that's not the real purpose of the game. You can use Need for Speed No Limits to buy over 2.5 million custom sets in the mobile customization system, Mod Shop or the black market. You can customize these vehicles to your heart's desire and drive away. They prove that you are a fearless speed lover.

Of course, the map for Need for Speed No Limits is also varied, and you can also drive a car into the streets of Blackridge in this mobile game, which allows you and your car to Speed over and around debris, you can also enter traffic and hit walls. Your actions are no doubt a provocation to the local bikers and police, so there will be plenty of cars as powerful as you vying for the top spot. This mode lets you know that only fast, respect only comes back, and every corner is a new game. It's a high octane and adrenaline rush you get when you're racing down the road, using acceleration, drift, and other driving techniques in tandem with the supercar to get rid of cops and opponents who are following you. Need for Speed No Limits is one of those games. One game is not enough to satisfy your appetite. You need to constantly get the magic of cars in Need for Speed No Limits.


Need for Speed No Limits is a classic racing game specially created by EA for mobile platforms. The game not only optimizes the operation of the mobile terminal, allowing players to operate the racing car more easily and happily, but also adds many of the world's top sports cars and games, which will definitely make players addicted.

How To Play

1. The starting channel is simple. It can be purchased in the starter pack provided at the beginning of the game. Of course, even if you don’t want to spend money to buy it, the blueprint for this car can be brushed in Chapter 5.

2. The initial PR value is high. The initial value of 332 is even higher than some second gear classic sport cars.

3. Blueprints for vehicle star upgrades are less in demand. This means that this car can be quickly upgraded to 5 stars.

4. There are 4 ways to get accessories: Dock Box, Model Series, Knockout Shop, and Black Market. Among them, the prices of accessories in the knockout store and the black market are touching, and the most stupid point is that the price of accessories of the same color is the same, that is to say, the price of blue accessories is the same regardless of the grade.

5. Drawing blueprint skills. You can try to draw from the position at the beginning, and the hit rate is very high. That is to say, when the blueprint is shown to you, the first grid on the left is selected, and the first grid on the left is also selected when drawing.

6. Gold bar usage. There is one thing that should never be touched, and that is the gold bar box at the dock.



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