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Hill Climb Racing
Platform :  
Size :   140.9 M
Date :   Dec 13, 2021
Version :   1.53.0
Devoloper :   Fingersoft
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

Hill Climb Racing ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Do you like racing games? I know what you're going to say. There are a lot of racing games out there. However, I would like to introduce you to this. I believe you have not tried because this is in the mountain racing game.

The game is called Hill Climb Racing and was developed by Fingersoft. This is an entertaining casual driving racing game. In the game, you can buy a car or modify their racing car, and other racing drivers in the game, you can run cars can be without gas, must not miss the roadside fuel tank. Otherwise, it may not get the first; interested friends come to download it!

I have to tell you that the game's first-person view is much more enjoyable and exciting. You can relax and enjoy the game, and there are many new modes for you to enjoy. There are so many different cars waiting for you to choose, speed up the race, and break the record in less time. A super fun physical racing game, based on actual racing features, just two keys can be used to drive a variety of tracks. The garage system allows players to manually race cars build their unique car model to be the year's car. The emergence of rich and exciting parts cards, both to meet the collection of old drivers’ hobby, and contribute to the car's performance. The game is good, and you can exercise reaction ability, thinking ability, good picture quality, map diversification, personalized vehicles, there are many, if you like to collect, then you will be satisfied. It can be modified. It's very playable. There are also a few tips to help you get started on the basics of mountain biking. While the mode of the game seems simple, it hides a great deal of fun. The mountain bike requires the player to control the balance and speed of the car through the two buttons of the throttle and the brake. The more distance the vehicle travels, the more complex the game becomes; players in the match obtain gold coins to buy new cars, new levels, upgrade auto parts.

Pure 2d, the background is blue, but the terrain is different under different levels. There are mountains, sand, ice roads. Because the mountain area is very jolting, it needs the player to grasp the accelerator and brake well, guaranteeing that the vehicle will not turn over. The car will slowly run out of gas on the road, with red fuel added at intervals, meaning the player can reach the next gas point without rolling over and running out of gas. You can go on forever and ever. When you play the game for the first time because you just entered the game, there is no money to upgrade items; this time, do not blindly to the gas pedal. It is easy to roll over, but to keep their car at the speed of 3, so you can, in the attribute game operation at the same time, slow accumulation of gold coins, if only want to go forward, it will not be worth the loss. After a period of playing, your gold coin can slowly be enough for you to upgrade your car when.

Upgrade your tires or engine first, followed by the front suspension and four-wheel drive, then upgrade the machine to about 3, then slowly to the other items are also about 3. This will better enhance their vehicle's overall strength, not because its speed is too fast and often overturned. In the air, we can also control the car, click the throttle to tilt the front of the vehicle up, click the brake to let the front of the car down so that when we fly in the air. The force keeps the car parallel to the ground we are about to land on to maintain a certain amount of speed when we land. Otherwise, we lose much momentum. One way to quickly collect gold coins in the first scene is to keep your foot on the gas until you hit the bridge and fly and keep your foot on the gas or brake while you're in the air, turn your car upside down in the air and eat more gold coins, most of which will probably kill you. Still, we'll get about 2,500 gold coins, so it's worth it.

All in all, this is a fascinating racing game. If you like racing, ask for great graphics and sound. Then don't hesitate to download it now.


Hill Climb Racing is a sports racing mobile game developed by Fingersoft. Based on real physical characteristics, the rich level scenes and models with different functions not only increase the playability of the game, but also allow players to fully experience the wonderful driving fun.

How To Play

Hill Climb Racing is a very playable driving game. Pure 2D graphics, the background is basically a simple cartoon-style scenery, the terrain of different levels is different, and there are snow, moon, mountain road, sand road, ice road and so on. The lane is very bumpy, and the player needs to control the accelerator and brake well to ensure that the car does not roll over and does not run out of gas.

1. When you first start playing, you can only choose one car - the Jeep. This car is cheap and has poor climbing performance. Of course, this kind of car is generally only used as a transitional.

2. After running a race, you can upgrade the car configuration as needed. Generally, the engine and tires are upgraded first to increase the climbing performance. The last one’s four-wheel drive performance is best to increase by one level. You can also spend money to unlock new maps or buy new cars, but in fact, it is far less than to upgrade the configuration, and strive to run farther to get gold coins faster.

3. Unlocking other types of cars requires a certain amount of gold coins. After testing, the initial trucks and racing cars are relatively cost-effective cars, and they are more useful on many tracks in the back. Tractors and tanks are relatively mindless vehicles. And after a few levels of configuration, you can press the accelerator, and the car will drive steadily until it runs out of fuel or can’t climb uphill. The fastest way to earn gold coins is the lunar surface. The constant tumbling and air walks caused by microgravity are the main ways to earn gold coins. In the early stage, you can usually earn hundreds of thousands of gold coins at a time.



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