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Angry Gran Run - Running Game
Platform :  
Size :   37M
Date :   2020/11/2
Version :   2.14.0
Devoloper :
Tags : Adventure Run Racing

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Editors' Review

Angry Gran Run - Running  ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. By Lethe

Angry Gran Run - Running Game is a very funny and cute parkour game, developed and produced by, and officially launched on October 16, 2012, supporting Android and Apple dual platforms.

Angry Gran Run - Running Game is a very humorous and funny game, the story of the game is in the background, our angry grandmother is locked up in a very violent mental hospital, and the smart and witty grandmother is trying to plan an escape from here. Now she needs your guidance to successfully escape, if the grandmother failed to escape caught, the consequences will be unthinkable. You are still hesitating what? Come and help grandma out of the clutches!

In this crazy parkour game, you need to control the grandmother jump, run, slide through a variety of strange obstacles. Along the way there will be a variety of punks and annoying enemies, to drive them all out of here, once and for all to solve them so that the streets are completely quiet. And don't forget to collect the gold coins along the way oh. In addition, this game also added a costume function, you can buy a variety of clothing to help change the appearance of the grandmother. For example, you can turn Grandma into a 70s trendy star, or even buy a penguin suit for Grandma to wear! During the escape, you will pick up different props, such as invincible shields and super acceleration, etc. You can also help them upgrade to make them more powerful and practical. The surprise is that you will also encounter aliens and dinosaurs on the way to the game, so be careful of them!

Angry Gran Run - Running Game This game abandoned the usual idea of most games, that is, the protagonist must be a young and strong hero or warrior. The game setting of a grandmother's escape journey will instantly pull the game's comedy effect full. The game modeling and painting style can also see the game developer's intention. It is a game of conscience that is worth going to play.


Angry Gran Run - Running Game is a racing parkour game made by Ace Viral, the game theme intention is novel, the operation gameplay is also quite simple, which will let you experience the agile action of the elderly, the game players can control the left and right direction through gravity sensing, upward swipe the screen can achieve jump, downward slide can complete the slide, with the rhythm of the game speed up, the grandmother's pace obviously has a faster pace than the initial speed, so the subsequent challenge will very test the player's hand speed of eye range. Through dangerous neighborhoods, avoiding obstacles and jumping away from monsters is your main goal in this game, at the same time, the game also has some other features, such as players can buy a variety of characters through the store, including hippies, grandmothers, zombies, and even penguin costumes!

How To Play

You will incarnate Angry Gran and keep sprinting forward. You only need to control her to avoid obstacles and win!



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