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Gear.Club - True Racing
Platform :  
Size :   63M
Date :   2020/7/21
Version :   1.26.0
Devoloper :   Eden Games Mobile
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

Gear.Club - True Racing ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Love a car more! I believe it, and I believe it throughout my life. I bought a car, please rest assured that I am not a rich second generation or a big boss, THE car I bought is also the most ordinary car, but I do not mind it, I regard it as my most precious treasure, this point is beyond doubt. I think my morbid love for cars is what brought me to where I am today, but I do not want to give up my love for cars. Even in the real world, I'm a big fan of car modifications. I like to take my car to a modification shop on weekends to get the paint, suspension, interior, engine, etc. It makes me feel like I'm putting my love into my car, but it costs too much. Car modifications alone cost 67% of my income. I fed my car well, and it wore nice clothes. But my own life is not guaranteed, so I don't want to give up the car modification, and I don't want to spend money, so what do I do? It doesn't matter. I chose Gear. Club-True Racing. It's a racing game, but I love the tuning system, and I feel like I downloaded a racing game just to play the tuning, which is a little weird, but people shouldn't judge me for that.

I really like Gear. Club-true Racing because the modification system it offers is amazing. I don't want to go into detail about the Racing experience of Gear. I first opened the Gear. Club-True Racing, and of course it was my car that caught my eyes. But it was just a basic car, and there were almost no customized products on it, so you had to look for suitable modification artifacts in the performance store. In this game, you can make your car beautiful and come in a variety of colors without spending any money. Almost any color you can see or imagine is available in the performance store. I really regretted it when I saw this. Considering that I used to spend nearly a thousand dollars every weekend to change the paint on my car, I feel like a fool. I could have downloaded Gear. Club-True Racing to see what colors I bought. You can see your own car in Gear. Club-True Racing, if it is available, which offers nearly all types and brands of vehicles, and you can certainly choose your own car in the real world. That's what I do, digitize my car, and maybe I should explain my behavior this way. Anyway, I can experiment with different looks in Gear. Club-True Racing, so I can finally decide what my car will look like. Also, one of the special and unique things about the game is that you can change the interior, which is great, and it's an amazing display of detail. I compared the interior of my car in the game with that of my car in real life, and I think the degree of reduction reaches 80%. Gear. Club-True Racing does a good job in this aspect. Of course, I did more than just scratch the surface. I also modified my car's engine at the performance store, which made it even more intimidating. In the real world, my car can't go that fast, and even after modification, its speed is still limited, but in Gear. Club-True Racing, you can push your car to the limit with some engine changes, which is probably why the game is so charming compared to the real world.


Gear.Club - True Racing is a racing-themed game. There are many vehicles to choose from. You can choose the big car and the small car according to your preferences. The vehicle can also be freely defined, change the color and so on. There are different tracks in various countries can be chosen, which will bring you more different exotic scenery.

How To Play

First of all, since the game uses automatic acceleration, you can control the direction of the car by tilting the phone left and right. The operation is very simple. Of course, there are a lot of vehicle maintenance in the game, you can adjust your car with various parts.

Secondly, the car is no longer arranged in sequence when starting, and there is no need to consider the collision volume of other vehicles when overtaking on the way. To be precise, there is only one of your own sports cars on the track where the player is, and other vehicles appear in the form of “ghosts.”

What’s more, the game highlights the concept of “CLUB’, all communication and modified vehicles will be completed in the club, and it is very convenient to have special assistants to assist players. The game focuses on the thrill and excitement of drag racing. At the same time, you can also modify the vehicle at will to achieve a better speed experience according to your own preference.

Last but not least, the upgrade of the car is also an important part of the game. You can upgrade and adjust the car with various parts to win the race!



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