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Driving Zone: Germany
Platform :  
Size :   231.8 M
Date :   Jan 31, 2021
Version :   1.37.3
Devoloper :   Alexander Sivatsky
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

Driving Zone: Germany ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Driving Zone: Germany is an excellent 3D driving simulation game, in which you can drive several vehicles from real German manufacturers. The game is carefully produced and published by Alexander Sivatsky. Since its release it has attracted tens of millions of players. At the moment, the game is available for free on iOS AppStore and Google Play.

The game is featured with detailed and realistic vehicle exterior and interior design. Each qualitatively modeled German car is designed with well detailed body, sophisticated dashboard, unique technical specifications, and engine sounds. You can experience all the classic city cars, powerful modern sports cars and even luxury cars here!

The abundance of driving styles and gameplay allows you to get a variety of driving experience. You can choose to drive around in peace and safety, enjoying the street scenery, or you can choose the extreme and difficult racing mode, in which you need to show your superior driving skills. The game’s physics are very well designed and support customization. For example, when you choose to upshift or downshift, the car responds very well; when you collide with other vehicles on the road, your vehicle will show some damage; you can even choose to turn on or off the vibration option in the customization function.

What’s more, the game also provides four unique tracks with different weather conditions. And the time of day and the landscape change in real time. You can drive freely on urban streets, go for a ride in a German town at night, speed down the highway, and even enjoy extreme racing on a winter track with dangerous ice and snow surfaces!

Start the engine, press down the gas and drive cars from the real world as fast as possible!

Pros and Cons


The interface is simple and user-friendly so that anyone can easily get started.

The graphics are amazingly seamless, and players can immerse themselves in an almost realistic driving experience.

There are cars from real German manufacturers, each is driven in its own unique style.

The cars in the game have incredible interior, exterior and lighting systems, and the added signal lights and headlight system make the driving experience more realistic.

All cars can be obtained for free, and the ads in the game can be chosen to be skipped without affecting the consistency of the game experience.

The ability to share the driving process with friends makes the game more interesting and interactive.

Players can choose from the two best control systems according to their habits and preferences: using the accelerometer or using the touch screen function of the phone. This allows every player to drive the car comfortably and get the most relaxing driving experience.


During driving, sometimes the “Rate Us” and “Privacy” buttons will pop up automatically near the car controls, causing players to interrupt driving and go to other pages by mistake.

It would be cool if there were more maps available for driving.

Game Review

Unlike other driving simulations, this game focuses on providing players with a variety of classic or the latest luxury cars produced by real German manufacturers - perhaps recognized as one of the best car manufacturing locations in the world. Although this game may not the best in terms of map variety or racing excitement, it offers an unparalleled realistic driving experience. From the aesthetically pleasing appearance, the precisely designed physical responses, the detailed dashboard, to the realistic and cool engine sounds, this game is definitely a great simulation for car lovers.


Driving Zone Germany is a car driving game that is very popular among players. It has a variety of different types of cool cars, rich scene content, and cool models. Of course, you can unlock more exciting challenges and cars by completing different driving tasks.

How To Play

The game offers four unique tracks with different weather conditions. You can drive on high-speed highway, or go for a ride in the German town, which is particularly beautiful at night. If you are a real extreme racer, you should drive on winter track with dangerous icy road. You can choose the starting time of the day, that will change dynamically.

Start the engine, press down on the gas and chase as quickly as possible. Earn points by overtaking traffic cars, you need them to open the new vehicles, modes and other features of the game.

This racing simulator gives you the ability to choose the style of driving that can be tranquil and safe or extremely racing. The abundance of settings allows you to customize a level of car physics realism, from arcade and simple to the most realistic, as in the difficult racing simulator in which you will need to show your driving skills.



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