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School Bus Simulator Drive 3D
Platform :  
Size :   516.4 M
Date :   Feb 4, 2022
Version :   3.7
Devoloper :   Games2win
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

School Bus Simulator Drive 3D ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

How's your driving? Have you ever been on a school bus? When you get in the car, you often imagine how happy you would be if it were you. If you ever get the idea, at least a little, you have to download the game I'm about to introduce you to.

The game is called School Bus Simulator Drive 3D and was developed by Games2win. This is a player need to Drive the campus Bus to the designated location of the strategic management game, School Bus Simulator Drive 3D operation of the game to bring you great fun. The realistic style of your bus is charming. The game process is straightforward, and players can quickly start to find a variety of surprises in the game.

Before driving on the highway, you must first obtain a driver's license training mode. Your job is to safely transport students and tourists from one bus stop to another. In this ultimate school bus game, drive, start the engine can safely carry out the task. As the drivers of the flowers of the Motherland, you can play 100% energy to ensure the safety of children. This is a simulation of the theme of the driving game, the music of the bus simulation parking, play fun! The game takes place in a massive city with extremely complicated traffic conditions. As a well-paid driver, are you qualified for the job? You can click on the top right corner of the view Switch Lens switch to your standard mode to start the game. Through the key to controlling the vehicle forward, you can shift when you need to reverse, and then the throttle will change. Follow the arrows to move forward. The longer shortcut key in the lower right corner is the accelerator, and the shorter one is the brake.

The game contains a variety of decorative items. On the way to pick up, students can collect a lot of gold games, using gold can buy school bus skin decoration, create a unique game experience! The game screen is an exquisite, simulation, 3D technology to create, at the same time with relaxed and happy school bus music, driving the way full of joy. It's a fully simulated reality, with all the elements of a city, and the rules of the game are based on facts like red lights stop, green lights go. School Bus Simulator Drive 3D is a simulation of the theme of the driving game. As the flowers of the drivers of the Motherland, you can play 100% energy to ensure the safety of children! The game takes place in a vast city with extremely complicated traffic conditions. As a well-paid driver, are you qualified for the job?

Then don't hesitate to learn and master the game. Enjoy crazy fun activities with your friends in the school trip adventure story! Hey, Crazy Student. Are You Ready for Your Summer Beach School Trip? Welcome to the school trip adventure story. It's a whole new adventure. We have been studying and taking exams for a long time, so let's have much fun in the adventure story of this school trip. The game prepares the scene for the player to be prosperous, and the player may be driving the bus to appreciate the beautiful setting.

Ensure the safety of children on the bus so that they can reach the specified places quickly. Enjoy the fun of driving, and you can continue to upgrade the campus bus to solve the various problems encountered. This is a free, fun driving simulation game, and players need to drive the car to send the children to school. Realistic game control and terrain let you enjoy career mode and driving fun. Take the leisure puzzle as the theme game, the outstanding exquisite, the screen design, selects the unique style. In this game, the player needs to send the children to the school in the stipulated time to be able to cross the border, and game players need smooth driving, be careful not to crash, simulation class excellent game interested friends come download experience! The game screen is like a pixel style school bus driving simulation game, and the screen is very delicate. The route scene is vibrant.

The children's modelling and the school bus's modelling design are still excellent, and the color is very smooth. The simulation process is also entirely accurate, and the driving task is not too difficult. Players need to follow the direction of the Arrow to drive on it, and some levels have time constraints; this player's driving skills put forward higher requirements.


School Bus Simulator Drive 3D is a simulation driving game, as a player will be transformed into a school bus driver, you can choose a variety of different school buses to drive, and your task is to pick up and drop off students at the stations along the way. As a driving game, the operating perspective adopts a switchable system, both the first-person and third-person perspectives can be used. The system simulates the real vehicle control buttons, and when the car is about to arrive at the station, there will be a position sensing device to prompt the station.

How To Play

1. The real car fuel tank design, you need to observe how much fuel you have in your fuel tank at any time, and whether it can support it to the gas station.

2. There will be many private cars on the road, master your driving speed to avoid the danger of collision with cars.

3. You just have to keep shipping students to earn more money. Every morning, the bus will pick up the students waiting for the school bus in various places.

4. Don’t underestimate every road, difficult content is often backward, which helps you become a real peak master.

5. The game is divided into career mode and leisure mode to challenge, you can choose any kind of beautiful school bus, and there is a lucky wheel to play.


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    i love this game a lot
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    i love this game
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    i love the game

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