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Genshin Impact
Platform :  
Size :   145M
Date :   2020/11/6
Version :   1.1.1_1437351_1398019
Devoloper :   miHoYo Limited
Tags : Adventure 3D

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Editors' Review

Genshin Impact  ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. By LeeLa 

Genshin Impact is a fantasy-themed open-world action role-playing game. It was developed by Mihayo Games and was released 1.0 up version on September 28, 2020. Within just a few months of its launch, it quickly hit the top of the IOS charts in 27 countries. In the same year, it won the honor of the best game of the year in 2020 for both Apple/Android platforms. The game has gained great commercial success, with total revenue already exceeding $1 billion within six months of its release. One year after its release, the game has become one of the highest grossing mobile games in the world. The game has grossed $2 billion worldwide on the App Store and Google Play and is ranked #3 on the global best-selling handheld games list.


In the game's open world, players start out with the entire world unknown to them. The game's plot unfolds on a fictional continent called Tivat. In the game, those who are chosen by the gods will be granted the power to guide the elements "God's Eye". Those who eventually reach the sky island will be given the Heart of God. These people with the "God's Heart" are called "original gods". Players will take on the role of travelers traveling through seven fictional lands in search of their only lost blood relatives.


The game's main gameplay is action role-playing, and players can unlock a total of more than 30 characters through character completion quests and a prayer (card draw) system. In addition, the online mode can be opened after the player reaches adventure level 16. The online mode allows up to four players to play together. The game uses an open world map, so in addition to normal walking, players can climb, swim, glide and other means of movement to explore a variety of ruins and terrain.


The "elemental system" is an innovative feature of the game. There are seven attributes in the game: wind, fire, thunder, water, ice, grass, and rock. The elements of the seven attributes are complementary to each other. Different elements can be added together to form different reactions. For example, water and fire produce evaporation reactions, and lightning and ice produce superconductivity reactions. Players can also have numerous environmental interactions in the game, such as cooking with fire in the field. When the fire goes out, players can also use the fire element to light it manually. As in the adventure journey, players may encounter random monsters that increase in difficulty as the player's level changes.


Genshin Impact won the TGA 2021 award for Best Mobile Game of the Year, known as the Oscars of gaming.


Genshin Impact is a brand-new, open-world adventure RPG, which combines the essence of mobile games with a variety of elements. In Genshin Impact, you can experience a variety of different styles of gameplay content, such as 3D, mmrpg, and puzzle games.

How To Play

1. When you first come to the open and mysterious world of Genshin Impact, you can mainly follow the plot at first, and you can also get a lot of rewards in the process, such as the upgrade of the adventure level, the original stone, Mora, and the experience book, which are very important for the later.

2. In the process of doing the main quest along with the plot, the weekly boss will also be activated, and after the main quest is over, the character’s legendary quest will be opened. It is basically enough to do this quest in the early stage.

3. After reaching level 25, try to unlock all the teleportation points on the map. While unlocking various teleportation points, you can collect more god pupils. It is very important to collect god pupils, which can upgrade the seven-day god statue, and will also be given to travelers. Adding more adventure experience and original stone rewards is the best choice for early wasteland development.

4. The most important way to upgrade during the game is daily entrustment. Whether it is in the early stage of the game or in the later stage of the game, the four daily tasks and the weekly boss can bring players original stones and various upgrade items, which is beneficial for players to quickly upgrade.

5. When novice players form a team, pay attention to the team configuration of the game as different element members, because the game of Genshin Impact is still mainly based on elemental reactions, and different elemental reactions can deal a variety of considerable damage.

6. Be sure to pay attention to version events, which not only have exciting plots, but also rich rewards. Some events will give characters and exclusive limited weapons.


  • By Elizabeth
    Thank you for there instructions and how i can get it this helped a lot with downloading it. :D 10/10 stars
  • By Akane
    I hope all of the people in the world find genshin fun or enjoyable
  • By Kara
    you don't know how fun this game is. I think this game will win game of the year if that's a thing.
  • By Gloria Sanders
    I found this game very fun!! very fun game with smart fun! almost as fun as triggernometry!
  • By tava
    this game is cool
  • By Anhar
    hi i am Anhar in i am 8 years old

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