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Toon Blast
Platform :  
Size :   484M
Date :   Jan 10, 2022
Version :   8071
Devoloper :   Peak
Tags : Puzzle

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Editors' Review

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What do you do with your free time? Will you choose to play a cute and quick game of the type of clearance? The game I’d like to recommend is one of my personal favorites. It’s called Toon Blast, a playful puzzle game developed by Peak.

Toon Blast is a cartoonish elimination game that is well-crafted in gameplay and graphics, allowing players to have the three image with blast! To allow you to immerse yourself in it quickly, you just have to let the same patterns all converge into a series of explosions. Many classic cartoon characters can bring the player the best fun, the use of tools to play the explosive effect will be very dazzling, there are many props will be exploded oh!

The gameplay is straightforward; that is, three elimination game, click on the same three colors can be eliminated, and props can be used during the elimination of high score will appear. The content of the game is exciting and easy to operate. Note that in the game, you will see a lot of different tasks waiting for you to complete, a lot of different levels to challenge you. Toon Blast has more than 900 kill points and updates 50 every two weeks.

Players can clear various obstacles through the checkpoint to unlock the new plot and use a variety of boosters smoothly. As you move up the ladder, it gets harder and harder. The gameplay operation is very casual, with many props for you to get. In the game, you will find that the game is entertaining. All kinds of special effects content are gorgeous play addiction.

When you enter the game, you will see the game has very high playability, and the screen is stunningly lovely. The sound effect is also charming. During the whole trial, the interactive experience was outstanding and smooth. By the way, I forgot to tell you, and there are all kinds of cute kittens here!

Cat theme of the three-elimination game, a variety of gameplay constantly bring players surprise, experience full of fun! As someone who plays many elimination games, this one is perfect. Game Interface Light is a unique summer style, and people cannot help but like this game. When you look at this interface, it’s very refreshing.

The mode of operation of the game is not complex; even if you are a new player, you do not have to worry. The first time the game is logged in, there will be a novice guide video to the player, lead the player step by step familiar with the mode, very thoughtful. You can blow it up with the flick of your finger! The explosion effect of the game itself is stimulating! Get your animals on the road to complete your adventure! Note that the character’s blood bars are used to destroy your opponent in one operation after another! There will be a surprise for you!

You can also create your team, compete with others, and rule the world in the game! When you lose, do not be discouraged, but from your teammates to get a life, rematch! The game can be easily synced between the mobile phone and tablet game! While the game is simple and fun to play, it’s challenging to master.

Overall, I highly recommend this game. The graphics and sound are impeccable. At the same time, the game has no advertising, and there are no obvious guide consumption issues, playability is very high, is a perfect game. Download it, everyone!


Toon Blast is an animation style puzzle casual elimination mobile game. In the game, players will experience the puzzle elimination gameplay, complete the corresponding levels and game tasks through the classic elimination method, and players can exchange and unlock various characters and skins. In addition to being able to try a variety of different elimination methods, and at the same time a variety of levels are waiting for you to experience, you can also see all kinds of cute little animals, and the game are quite challenging.

How To Play

The basic gameplay of Toon Blast is to achieve the elimination goal through side elimination and powerful elimination within the specified number of steps.

1. In the game, to complete the tasks of each level, players need to get more stars in order to get more rewards.

2. Use the props reasonably and try to pass the level as much as possible, the operation is very simple, destroy more stars as soon as possible.

3. Players need to get higher scores, they need to get higher scores, and various modes bring different gameplay.

4. You can get more rewards by clearing the level, and the difficulty will become higher and higher as you continue to complete each level.

5. Players make full use of props to help themselves eliminate, and use their own wisdom to start completing various tasks.


  • By emily
    this is a great game

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