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Hero Wars - Fantasy World
Platform :  
Size :   312.3 M
Date :   Mar 18, 2022
Version :   1.132.002
Tags : Role Playing

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Editors' Review

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The adventure of the wonderful world is coming! I'm going out into the world to use my power to get what I want. I'm a gamer, but I'm also a wizard. Growing up, I read a lot of books about the magic world and the magic land, as well as anime and TV series. I don't think the way people live on a continent like this is compatible with our modern society, but I just like it. Heroes, demons, beauties, fairies, and faeries are all common people and things in the magical world. My question is, do any of you like magic land or magic Wonder world as much as I do? If your answer is yes, THEN I recommend Hero Wars - Fantasy World, a game that makes our dreams come true. This is, I believe, the magical world of my dreams, and it's hard for you to imagine what it feels like when something you've been fantasizing about since ten years ago suddenly arrives in front of you, and you can't put it down, you can't stop thinking about it.

Don't forget, I'm both a fan of magic and a fan of games, and the reason I like games is partly because I'm crazy about the wizarding world. Hero Wars - Fantasy World is a game I found on the app store last Wednesday, and when I downloaded it over high speed wifi, I showed amazing love for it. So, after listening to my Hero Wars-Fantasy World praise, can you be curious about it? It's an RPG, a Role play game. In Hero Wars - Fantasy World, you play as a brave Hero who fights demons in the game. I think this story is a bit old, but it still brings back memories for me. Over and over again, I was a strong man in my dreams. I lived in a world of evil Kings, cruel generals, and cruel witches. I was not willing to be enslaved by such people, so I raised the flag of resistance and called on my comrades and comrade-in-arms to fight together. This infantile-sounding story does exist in my imagination. In fact, Hero Wars - Fantasy World is also like this, after experiencing an era of prosperity and peace in the magical land, the demon army suddenly invaded. The atmosphere of peace vanished and darkness greeted us. These demons have crushed the human armies with terrible power, but we must not surrender, we must resist, we must defeat these terrible marauders.

Hero Wars - Fantasy World allows you to have unique abilities for your Hero, a blue-haired man in white armor with a giant sword, who can gain unique abilities under your influence. These skills are self-evident, and if you have them, your combat effectiveness will increase considerably. As you engage in epic slugfest, you'll be much more comfortable defeating enemies. Those enemies may have been powerful when you were low in level, or you never thought you'd be able to defeat them one day. But, trust me, heroes never compromise, and neither do heroes in Hero Wars - Fantasy World. You can exercise your abilities through over 190 missions, collect powerful weapons, and meet new Allies. Of course, the story of the game is far from one-dimensional -- it has 13 campaign episodes, and you can advance the story by completing goals in each. Are you bored by it?I don't think you will, because NEITHER will I. What you can do, of course, is talk about Hero Wars-Fantasy World gameplay with like-minded players, and you'll never feel alone.


Many centuries ago, the enchanted lands of the Dominion knew an era of unparalleled peace and prosperity. However, these halcyon days met their abrupt end when the ruthless hordes of the Archdemon invaded the land. Their uncompromising cruelty and terrible force routed entire armies. Yet someone must resist—the time has come to rise up and save the Dominion from its cruel captors!

Welcome at long last, Brave Hero! Whether you've come to relive your favorite moments of online-RPG gaming or are just looking to slash your way through a few levels, Hero Wars has you covered. Come for the refined RPG gameplay, stay for the glory!

How To Play

Strengthen and upgrade heroes and create matching teams

50+ Heroes with unique skills

Epic Guild battles

13 Campaign chapters and 190 Missions

8 game modes

Exciting Special Events

Puzzles with rewards



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