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Fruit Ninja®
Platform :  
Size :   258.4 M
Date :   Jan 26, 2022
Version :   3.7.0
Devoloper :   Halfbrick Studios
Tags : Android iOS Hot Arcade

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Editors' Review

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I'm going to show you the first game I downloaded from an iPhone. For me, this game is fun and memorable. It wasn't just me; the game was played by almost everyone at the time, as they created a new game mode. The game is called Fruit Ninja and was developed by Halfbrick Studios.

Fruit Ninja Chinese version of the latest version of the mobile version is the most classic cut fruit game, but also in this type of the most players, many people like to play. Playing up the game is super simple, is the bottom of the pop-up screen fruit, with your fingers crossed off! But you want to get high marks, that is not to say a few cans casually, really is to eye disease, or your patterns will be shallow.

Fruit Ninja is a casual puzzle game developed by Halfbrick Studios. The screen will constantly jump out of a variety of fruits: watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, bananas, pomegranates, apples and so on, in the fruit before falling to cut all quickly! But don't cut the bomb! Game settings have powerful props that can help you get unexpected scores! The game provides many excellent blades for the player to choose from, letting you get a more exciting visual experience! The operation of the game is effortless.

The screen will continue to jump out of various fruits-watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, banana, pomegranate, Averrhoa carambola, apple, pitaya. Players see the fruit thrown to watch the finger on the screen to move across, you can be like ninja warriors cut fruit as quickly before they fall to cut all; But in addition to much fruit being thrown, there can be a mix of things like bombs that, when cut, set off an explosion. The fruit has big and small, and the small fruit is more difficult to cut. When you cut into different fruits, you will see different colors of flesh, and like some water-rich fruits, juice of various colors will splash into the air or onto the wall. There is no unique soundtrack to the game, only the sound of chopped fruit and the unmistakable sound of birds.

Fruit Ninja's single-player game has three different modes for players to choose from, and more modes are likely to be introduced as the versions continue to evolve. In classic mode, the icon for watermelon has no time limit in the traditional mode; fruit and bombs will be floating on the screen. Players had three chances to miss when they didn't cut the fruit, and the game ended as soon as they got to the bomb. Each accumulated 100 points will automatically replace a previously lost opportunity. In this mode, there will be random pomegranate cut to add points score high or low, depending on how fast the player cut, pitaya, cut to + 50 points and Averrhoa carambola cut to + 150; 175; 200 points, score high or low random.

Time-limited mode, also known as time mode or Zen mode, the time is a minute and a half 90 seconds, no bomb, keep fruit, players will rely on skill as much as possible pieces of fruit slice, there is also a chance to pop the hard-to-cut novelty fruit from the left and right sides of the screen. In Arcade mode, fruit and bombs will appear simultaneously in the arcade mode, time for 1 minute, to get more points, cutting to a bomb will not result at the end of the game but will cost you 10 points and reduce time. The model has three special bananas; the iced, blue, white frozen banana can stop time and significantly slow the fruit's flight speed. Rabid bananas red with rabid yellow bananas can double the score cut quickly; double bananas, blue with yellow dual bananas can make a lot of fruit fly out of both sides of the screen. In addition, purple bombs must be dodged in this mode. You will get hit points if you have enough consecutive hits. And a bonus point at the end.

Remember, cut the fruit, not the bomb! Pattern nuances to refine your fruit-cutting skills. Strive for the highest score, use powerful props and special bananas to maximize the effect, and in the pomegranate cut, desperately swinging blade. There's never been a better time to play Fruit Ninja, brandish your sword, and savor the game's new content from scratch. This is just the beginning. We Can't wait for everyone to join our fruit-chopping army!

Generally speaking, the popularity and fun of this game need not be described too much. The players of the group are the best proof! Don't hesitate to download and play with your friends!


Fruit Ninja is a casual puzzle game developed by Australian company Halfbrick Studios, which was launched on April 20, 2010 on the iOS platform. The source of the idea for Fruit Ninja is very simple: an employee at home saw a TV commercial selling fruit knives, and to show the sharpness of the knives, the salesman threw bananas into the air, and then used the fruit knives to cut the bananas in the air.

How To Play

Fruit Ninja's single player game has three different modes for players to choose from, and more modes may be introduced as the versions are continuously updated:

* Classic mode (icon is watermelon): In Classic mode, there is no time limit, fruits and bombs will float on the screen. Players have three chances to make mistakes because they did not cut the fruit, and as long as everything reaches the bomb game, the game will end immediately. Every 100 points accumulated will automatically replenish a previously lost opportunity. In this mode, pomegranate (cut in succession to add points, the score depends on the player's cutting speed), pitaya (cut can +50 points) and carambola (cut +150; 175; 200 points, the score is random).

* Time-limited mode (icon is Apple): It is also called time mode or Zen mode. The timing time is one and a half minutes (90 seconds). There is no bomb, only fruits will appear continuously. Players will slice as many fruit pieces as possible by skill, and there is a certain chance to pop up novel fruits that are difficult to cut from the left and right sides of the screen.

* Arcade mode (icon is banana): In arcade mode, fruits and bombs will appear at the same time. The timing time is 1 minute (60 seconds). The purpose is also to obtain more points. Cutting a bomb will not lead to the end of the game but will deduct 10 points and reduce the time. There are three different special bananas in this mode-frozen bananas (blue + white frozen bananas), which can pause the time and greatly slow down the flight speed of fruits. Fanatical bananas (red + yellow fanatical bananas) can double the score cut in a short time. Double banana (blue + yellow double banana) can make a large amount of fruit fly out from both sides of the screen. In addition, purple bombs have to be avoided in this mode. If the number of combo strikes is enough, you can get extra points. And there will be bonus points after the end.


  • By jacob dilly
    this game is epic
  • By abdi
    this game is epic
  • By jose
    i love this game thank you
  • By micheal
    this game is cool
  • By sars
    i love this game because it has many levles that you can play and get bettre skills

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