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Cookie Run: Kingdom - Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG
Platform :  
Size :   1 G
Date :   Jan 24, 2022
Version :   2.6.201
Devoloper :   Devsisters Corporation
Tags : Battle RPG Role Playing Cookie

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Editors' Review

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Do you like the cookie man? Do you like cute, animated cartoon characters as the game's main character? This is one of my favorite role-playing games called Cookie Run: Kingdom. Devsisters developed the game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a social themed cartoon RPG game, the first social group game in the Cookie Man series, launched worldwide in 2021. Love Cookie Man series of friends to click download, with your friends to revive the Kingdom of Cookie Man !

As the game's protagonist, you only need to successfully escape the witch oven cookies came to the place, turned out to be the archaic revival of the kingdom! Go with the Cookie to find the lost ancient hero Cookie and the Forgotten Story! In addition to running a variety of gingerbread man cute cookies, joining the original gingerbread man kingdom cookies, take the first glimpse of their unique charm!

Custard, the self-proclaimed heir to the royal family, the fortune cookie that wrote the story of the Cookie into a song, the kingdom knight Madeleine Cookie, the Kingdom Wizard Espresso Cookie, and the Gorgeous Gunslinger Rye Cookie! In addition, the sinister forces of the dark sorceress biscuits, liquor ice biscuits and poisonous mushrooms biscuits and other new biscuits will also be in the Gingerbread Kingdom debut!

There are more than 200 exciting levels in the game; the enemy will be a net, towards a higher level! Aspires to become the legendary dragon, the small-angle insect, the fierce, terrible cake monster, but also has each kind of lovable monster to wait for you to challenge! Strategic and casual combat play.

Form the perfect fighting team with eight types of fighting styles! A light press can release the effect of skills, easy to enjoy the incomparable pleasure of fighting! In addition, you can also create a warm and lovely cookie kingdom. Wizard cookies research magic room can drink and talk about the bubble drink cookies store, with various features to build your Cookie Kingdom, Open Cookie Life! Fight the evil dessert monster and create a happy kingdom! Team up with friends in Guild Wars! Fight with other guild members and defeat new opponents. Fight a mighty enemy and rise together. Earn Soul Stones, guild upgrade items, Guild treasure and more!

You can set up the best cookie team; this is too cute to beat! Fight online with friends in the New Guild Battle System! In a combat simulator, you can strategically select a cookie to defeat cake monsters based on Cookie's particular skill and command your team and release their skill with just a few clicks. With PVP RPG Combat Mode, Get Your Team face-to-face with competitor Cookie's team to climb the leaderboard. With the epic battle animation of the fast-paced combat RPG, lead your soldiers to victory!

Overall, with the lovely style of Adventure Hand Tour, the game players can explore this magical world, and NPC Interactive play, and tiny monsters to fight, but also can build a variety of buildings on the ground, fun and interesting! Free and open style game design concept, cartoon style fun hand tour, game content diversity, a variety of game content rich and colorful, give you different excellent. The game's setting is very clever, with various game modes, many game levels, Lovely Gingerbread man how to reach the finish line.

Gingerbread lets you work with ginger brave and some well-known cookie friends! Build teams and work with new and familiar faces. Fight in Sweet Fantasy Adventure RPG to uncover the kingdom's past story and overcome the darkness between you and the domain's founding. Enjoy Creative Kingdom builder and idle RPG games and become the hero of the Cookie Kingdom.


Cookie Run Kingdom draws cards as the core, management battle for the auxiliary gameplay, the main cute gingerbread characters of the large card RPG online game. It has rich content, more rich activity rewards, which are waiting for you to receive, it is really a painting style cute role-playing game. The game tells the story of the gingerbread kingdom with the background of the classic character gingerbread people. In the game, players will play the king of the gingerbread kingdom, while commanding the battle to resist the invasion of dessert monsters, while also rebuilding the kingdom on the ruins. ︎

How To Play

Classic adventure gameplay allows every one to feel the fun in the twists and turns of the plot, this is your kingdom, so you can build and adventure here. For the kingdom in your heart, you can build your dreamdream cookie kingdom, and take back the land lost due to the evil shrouded by shadows. Build a delightful kingdom while battling evil dessert monsters! Team up with friends in guild battles! Fight and defeat new opponents with other guild members. Battle powerful enemies and upgrade together. Earn soulstones, guild upgrade items, guild treasures and more!



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