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World Craft Dream Island
Platform :  
Size :   297 MB
Date :   Dec 28, 2021
Version :   5.3.1
Devoloper :   Emel Yildiz
Tags : Action Minecraft Simulation

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Editors' Review

World Craft Dream Island ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. 

I think the World Craft Dream Island AD is right, it's the best game ever made, and it's free for everyone. I found the World Craft Dream Island on a boring Friday night. In fact, I didn't find it. I just saw it when BROWSING the web, but I was fascinated by its icon. To be honest, please don't laugh at me, because THIS is my first time playing this kind of game, so I am ignorant in the world of this game. Perhaps, some of my behavior in the game can be considered childish. For example, I wandered around the World Craft Dream Island to enjoy the scenery. But I don't know how long I was doing it, I mean, I was totally fascinated by the scenery. I think I spent two days traveling in the World Craft Dream Island. I didn't feel like it was a waste of time, because I felt like it was just a process of getting my sandbox newbie into shape. It wasn't until three days later that I started trying to collect resources and store blocks. Oh! So that's it! It turns out it's a game based on creation. It seems that I found my new paradise in World Craft Dream Island, because I found that I was completely free in this game World, and my freedom came from the open travel of this World. The resources I collect can help me achieve some of my goals. So, great, I really want to let you know about the various powerful places of World Craft Dream Island.

I'm not a big game player, and there are very few cases where I'm really interested, even in the AAA titles on the PC. However, I can be attracted by the World Craft Dream Island. First of all, although it is free, but you want to get this freedom, you must work hard. I think you all have some sandbox experience, so I'm not trying to convince you to play it, I'm just trying to express how I feel about playing World Craft Dream Island. Yes, I was really a novice, so I didn't really understand some of the game's walkthroughs when I played the game, and I always completed tasks at a slow pace. I don't know how much time I spent exploring the World Craft Dream Island. I collect my favorite blocks, they have special colors, they have special textures (I can feel it!).These blocks are stacked properly under my arrangement, which I call construction, and I use these blocks to build a mini contract in the forest. Although this castle is in the World Craft Dream Island, it is the source of my sense of achievement and enjoyment. I think of the sand castle I built on the beach as a child. It was not only the result of my efforts multiplied by time, it was also an expression of my personal willpower. The castle I built on World Craft Dream Island is not that different from the one I built on the beach, but it does look better. Since the blocks of World Craft Dream Island represent different building materials, I feel that if players build in the game, they will always get the perfect result.

I've been playing World Craft Dream Island for about a month and boredom hasn't set in. Do you want to know why? World Craft Dream Island is not a lonely single-player game. I saw the multiplayer option as soon as I entered the game. I know what it means, and I can invite my friends and family into the game to build great things together. My brother and I often explore the World Craft Dream Island in the evening. I think this game brought me more than happiness, I learned from it family connection.


You will play the game from the first perspective, and you can create your own territory and develop technology in this virtual sandbox world. Build orchards, farms, buildings, etc.

How To Play

You can build cities, chat, transmit, build a beautiful new world with friends and strangers in multiplayer mode, and you can also destroy everything. And you can create maps and download them locally, even without the Internet, you can build them happily.


  • By Karen Wheeler
    I love it so much
  • By Ellie
    I want to play this game But I cant because I'm on computer
  • By Citlali
    i want to play this game
  • By mamamamaammam
    i want to play this game
  • By jaden
    I want to play this game
  • By gytfytfr
    I want to play this game
    i want to play this game
  • By sula
    i want to play this game

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