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Alto's Adventure
Platform :  
Size :   54M
Date :   January 18, 2021
Version :   1.7.6
Devoloper :   Noodlecake Studios Inc
Tags : Action

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Editors' Review

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The quiet environment looks like it hasn't been trodden by adventurers in the slightest, but in fact such places are the virgin lands that adventurers love to exploit. So all the great explorers of all time like to get themselves into a seemingly sleepy mountain village. I once heard a story about a superb British explorer who went deep into Tibet by himself in the last century, and in addition to seeing beautiful snow-capped mountains and lovely Tibetan antelopes, he also discovered some secrets that had been buried for thousands of years. He discovered the legendary holy land, Shangri-La. So, snow-capped mountains will always be the goal that people want to conquer, and we can't resist the amazing temptation brought to us by the magnificent scenery of snow-capped mountains. But in fact, if you are not a brave explorer, or you are not a well-equipped, well-trained athletes, you should not personally go to the snowy mountains to explore, after all, our credo is to ensure their own safety. In the mobile game world you can also feel the charm of skiing between the snowy mountains in Alto's Adventure, a superb combination of skiing and adventure game. Of course, many people don't know the background of Alto's Adventure, so I thought I'd come to the task. I want to start by explaining what kind of game Alto's Adventure really is. You get to be Alto or his friends, and you get to experience the wind and speed in an endless snowboarding odyssey. You traverse the beautiful mountains of the native wilderness, or you see neighboring villages or simple villagers on the way. Of course, as you drop in altitude, you will also have the opportunity to see old woodlands and abandoned ruins on Alto's Adventure. Overall, Alto's Adventure is a game that shows strong playability in the new year. Many game makers in the industry have given Alto's Adventure very good reviews, and not only that, but even players have given Alto's Adventure a high rating. One of the most famous reviews claims that the game has a delightful charm, and every second in Alto's Adventure can leave a deep visual impression. After reading these reviews, I don't believe you won't be excited about Alto's Adventure.

The gameplay is nothing special, if you've ever been exposed to skiing based mobile games before, then you'll naturally learn how to control movement in Alto's Adventure. This is one of the great things about Alto's Adventure, you can easily master the single button operating system while making some outrageous skiing moves thanks to the different timing controls. It's so cool that my friend has grown to love playing Alto's Adventure on my recommendation because he really enjoys the feeling of developing his own awesome ski moves. Alto's Adventure offers players real-world based skiing terrain, which means you don't feel repetitive because the terrain is not mapped. Many of the maps in this type of game are repetitive maps, so many players are even able to draw patterns as they play, and I'm impressed if they don't get bored in the end. Procedural terrain generation is the secret weapon of Alto's Adventure, and you can see endless tracks being stepped on by you, which will never end. In addition, Alto's Adventure is also capable of some completely dynamic weather effects, and if you play long enough you may see some special weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, fog, rainbows, meteors, or blizzards. This kind of things maybe easy to see by us in real world, but if they were in a game, that will be awesome.


Alto's Adventure is a very beautiful skiing game, and it's also a parkour game, but it takes place in the skiing area. What the player has to do in this game is going on a ski trip with the current character in the game. In this game, the player can not only do parkour while skiing but also catch escaped horses and collect coins along the way, while watching out for obstacles such as rocks, chasms, and so on. The picture of this game is very dreamy and beautiful. The color saturation of the game is not high, and it is mainly the outline of some thick and heavy colors. We can see the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening, and the atmosphere of the distant mountains is set off by the color, just like the picture in ancient Chinese poetry. However, as a 2D game, it also introduces the unique day and night system. In the game, the sky changes day and night as the sun rises, the moon rises, and so on, and the subtlety is that there is no simple change of light and dark between day and night. Skiing allows the player to experience all sorts of small details that change over time.

How To Play

Overall, the game's gameplay is very similar to parkour games, for example, the player can click the button to jump to avoid, and can hit the ground after hitting rocks with momentum. Of course, the operation of the game is also very simple, such as pressing different buttons, and the hero of the game will take the corresponding action. There are also a few small innovations and highlights, such as the ability to jump on a rope. Of course, as the player scores higher and higher, the scarf around his neck grows longer and longer, and when the scarf reaches a certain length, the player can start flying mode. Flying mode allows players to move faster, giving them more time and the ability to collect more gold. So in the game, it's very easy to immerse yourself, to move through the game and enjoy it, with beautiful music and scenes. The coins collected in the game are also useful, and players can buy different items in the game mall to increase the experience of the game.



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