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Mining Master - Adventure Game
Platform :  
Size :   183.2 MB
Date :   Dec 22, 2022
Version :   1.0.8
Devoloper :   MondayOFF
Tags : Adventure Casual

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Editors' Review

What is it like to upgrade your mining equipment, dig up dinosaur fossils, or manage a museum adventure game? Today, we suggest the action-adventure game "Mining Master - Adventure Game", which was released by MondayOFF with the objectives of mining and upgrading to acquire gems, unearthing numerous dinosaur relics as a helper, and running a diamond museum as a side job. As a senior miner in the game, players excavate ore to gain money, while also collecting mining picks, little assistants, dinosaur fossils, and other items to make their mining life more interesting.


The characters in "Mining Master - Adventure Game" are based on the traditional matchmaker shape, the auxiliary miners are relatively petite, the audience who has come to enjoy the exhibition will patiently appreciate the various diamonds, and the managers of different departments are dressed in corresponding costumes. The game begins with an oblique 45-degree God's perspective. The diamonds at the exhibition area are presented in a detailed manner and come in a variety of shapes, including round, hexagonal, heart-shaped, and trapezoidal ones. It's interesting to note that the custom mining choices and work caps, which can improve a player's abilities, also have unique qualities.


As an action adventure game with a mining theme, "Mining Master - Adventure Game" might use some improvement in terms of gameplay integration. The detail design is rather new, the art performance is fairly generic, and the operation experience could use some work. Players can still profit even if they are periodically sluggish by combining the display of fossil gains with the gathering of minerals. Amazingly, this novel and creative method of putting the ore in the shape of a heart and waiting for players to dig it is pretty intriguing. There is still space for development in the Matchmaker characters' color mapping as well as the richness of the equipment and the level of detail in the props.


Please do not easily miss "Mining Master - Adventure Game" if you enjoy playing mining games, excavating up dinosaur fossils, or managing museum simulations.


You can join the mining industry at any time, hire more employees to increase mining efficiency, gather more little people, come together to mine, complete more mining work, and increase efficiency. Mining Master is a very interesting simulation mining casual game where players are free to challenge different tasks, open the mining field, harvest a large number of gems, and enjoy a wonderful and joyful game experience. The main line of mining and collecting in the mine is the basis for the adventure game "Mining Master," which also has two branch lines for increasing exhibition revenue and collecting fossils. It allows you to earn revenue while mining ore, collect dinosaur fossils for gems, and put the huge diamonds collected into the exhibition area to earn display fees. The rich and diverse elements reduce the sense of repetition brought by a single mining.


Currently, "Mining Master - Adventure Game" is ranked No. 4 in the Google Play Free Games Hot List, with over 1 million cumulative downloads, nearly 9,000 reviews and a rating of 4.2.

How To Play

Mining Master - Adventure Game" is an action-adventure mining game that incorporates elements such as a placement simulation that showcases gemstones for revenue and a dinosaur fossil collecting game. In the game, you will come across a wide range of levels, and you can enhance your character's mining power, weight bearing capacity, and moving speed at each level. Remember to fully excavate some of the dinosaur fossils that are buried in the levels because they are a significant source of diamonds. To maximize the digging effect on certain ores with unique qualities, employ the relevant mining picks. Don't forget to visit the exhibition area to collect the ticket sales revenue, which, while less than the mining revenue, is nonetheless a bonanza.



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