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Talking Ben the Dog
Platform :  
Size :   219.8 M
Date :   Mar 25, 2022
Version :   4.0.1
Devoloper :   Outfit7 Limited
Tags : Talking

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Editors' Review

Talking Ben the Dog ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

I miss my dog so much. I lost my dog last year. I failed to find my dog through all kinds of efforts, including calling the police, finding a dog, and asking for help from family and friends on social media. I missed him so much that I couldn't forget him easily because I had taken care of him since he was born. It was all about me growing up, so for me, it's the same. When I feel sad and sad, when I want to cry over a breakup, my dog will comfort me, let me hold him and stroke his furry body. However, I could never find it again because of some accident. I will not get another dog because in my heart, he is the best dog, no other dog can replace him no matter how good they are. However, I seem to have recently found a game that makes me feel comfortable. I saw my colleagues playing with their mobile phones at work, and I was very angry about such behavior. If you're at work, focus all your energy on getting the job done. It's a waste of energy. I went to warn my colleague, but she was playing Talking Ben the Dog, a cute game. Although I didn't look carefully, I found that Talking Ben the Dog and my Dog looked alike, and the similarity between them, in my opinion, should reach 80%.

You can perform different actions by interacting with Talking Ben the Dog, which can make you feel funny desire. For example, you can touch Ben, you can touch his face, and he will touch his face. You can also poke your finger into its belly, hand or foot, and its reaction is interesting. Of course, there are so many things you can click on in Talking Ben the Dog, and his body is just one part of all the things that can be touched. When he's lounging on the sofa reading the newspaper, you can touch his newspaper, and he'll be disturbed by you. So it folds it up and stares at you. I feel like, my Dog is coming back, he's Talking Ben the Dog, but my Dog is a puppy, he's my pet and he doesn't understand me. But Talking Ben the Dog was different. He could get along with me like a friend, and I felt very comfortable.

Talking Ben the Dog is not just a simple touch game. You touch Talking Ben the Dog with your finger and there are certain reactions, but that's not the whole story. You can also press the phone button to talk to Ben. You can talk to Ben like an old friend. The conversation is optional, because you can choose not to talk to Ben the Dog. Or, if you find the conversation humorous, you can click the Record button to record a funny video of your conversation. I think it's a useful way to get a lot of attention on social media. That's what I did. I couldn't wait to chat with Talking Ben the Dog right after I downloaded it. I asked him to tell me a joke and recorded the conversation. What touched me was that when I shared this video with my friends via social media, I got a lot of likes from my friends. One of the comments was really touching, "You finally found your dog, so happy for you." I really don't know how to describe my feelings, but all I know is that yes, Talking Ben the Dog is my Dog, and I finally found him.


Talking Ben the Dog is an interactive casual game developed by Outfit7 Limited. This is another good piece of Talking Tom series games. This time the main character was replaced by dog Ben. In addition to all kinds of daily interactions, Ben, as a retired professor, can also go to the laboratory with him to experience interesting experiments, doubling the joy~

How To Play

As a puzzle casual game, the gameplay of this game is similar to the classic Talking Tom Cat. The background of the game is about a retired chemistry professor who enjoys the quiet and comfortable life of tasting food, wine and reading newspapers. In Talking Ben the Dog, players can talk to Ben, poke or tick him with their fingers, or even talk to him on the phone.

1. If you poke Ben’s newspaper with your finger, he will close it.

2. Then you can talk to Ben and he will repeat what you said.

3. Press the phone button and talk to Ben.

4. Make a funny video of you and Ben talking on the phone.

5. Push the button to make Ben eat, drink or burp.

6. Record videos and share them on Youku, Renren, or send them to friends and relatives via email or MMS.



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