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Bowling King
Platform :  
Size :   Varies with device
Date :   2020/7/23
Version :   Varies with device
Devoloper :
Tags : Simulation Sports Bowling

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Editors' Review

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Bowling King is a Bowling Simulation mobile game, developed and produced by, which was officially launched on March 20, 2014, and supports Android and Apple dual platforms.

Bowling King is a fun bowling simulation mobile game. With a very perfect game experience, it is sought after by a large number of bowling fans. Support online match opponents, and players from all over the world to compete with each other, to compare who is the real bowling king.

The game is relatively easy to operate, you can throw the bowling ball by tapping your finger. You can throw the hook ball by drawing a curve on the screen with gestures, and you can adjust the direction of the bowling ball by holding the ball to the left or right. And the guidance teaching for newbies at the beginning of the game is also very comprehensive, which is very friendly to new players, so you don't have to worry about the difficult problem causing you not to enjoy the game.

The game is played in innings, and the number of bowling bottles knocked down is used to record the score and determine the winner. The game is divided into 10 rounds, and each round has two chances to throw the ball. If you knock down all 10 bowling bottles in the first round, that is, if you hit all of them, then you can't throw a second time. The 10th round is slightly different in that if you hit all of them in the first round, you still have to continue throwing two more balls; if you hit them, you have to continue throwing the last ball to end the game. If you don't knock down all 10 bowling bottles in two throws, then the third chance will be canceled.

Bowling King is a game where some thought has gone into the modeling of the scene, with many bowling alley scenes and bowling decorations to choose from. The gameplay is also highly restored to the classic bowling gameplay, which is simply a great choice for bowling fans.


Bowling King is a very interesting bowling game. The picture of the game is very exquisite. The playing method of the game is also different from that of the traditional bowling game. The game can be connected to the Internet and other people's one-on-one teams. Every time you win the game, you will have a very high sense of accomplishment. After winning the game, you can slowly upgrade.

A real-time one-to-one multi-player bowling online game, through competition with players from all over the world, to win the championship of bowling; The game takes the world's best scenic spots as the scene and sets up many excellent bowling alleys: Las Vegas, New York, Sydney, Paris and many this beautiful city. The game has more than 10 bowling balls, each bowling ball corresponds to different grades, more than 60 kinds of gorgeous bowling balls, 27 kinds of ball bottles and fairways.

How To Play

Bowling King is a bowling themed sports game, where your main goal is to finish knocking down more bottles, which is done by throwing bowling balls, bowling is also quite interesting sport. A variety of different gameplay content can be achieved, which is easy to compete together to join in, create a new game competition, the overall gameplay is also very good. There are a variety of different skins can be selected, the experience is very interesting.



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