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Tall Man Run
Platform :  
Size :   304 MB
Date :   Dec 15, 2022
Version :   1.36
Devoloper :   Supersonic Studios LTD
Tags : Action Casual Offline Single player

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Editors' Review

Have you ever played a parkour game where you morph into a robot and kill them? Today, we suggest playing "Tall Man Run," an action parkour game from Supersonic Studios LTD. After overcoming numerous obstacles to destroy the robot at the level's bottom, players in the game must grow tall and strong by accumulating strength like the matchmaker character from the level.


The 3D cartoon technique used in the artwork for "Tall Man Run" makes the bloated body appear like candy and creates a nice impression. The game offers players a choice of more than ten different character skin colors and shapes, including one with seven color-changing options. In addition to the character skin color options, the game also offers players hats to accessorize their chosen figure.


In terms of real-world experience, "Tall Man Run" does not contain many significant surprises, but it has gained worth via the collection of numerous details. Allow the character to grow both horizontally and vertically to increase the character development dimension. The current popular gameplay is maintained by the addition of the calculating function, and even the final player must cross the rainbow barrier by himself before having the opportunity to destroy the robot. Please do not easily miss "Tall Man Run" if you enjoy playing parkour games, enjoying the matchmaker look, and enjoying fat, thin, tall, and short characters.


The game scenario for Tall Man Run, a typical matchmaker-shaped parkour game, is not particularly innovative. The bony matchmaker can use the energy collecting to grow taller and fatter, which demonstrates a thoughtful design in some of the little elements. This will give him a robust body. The towering, obese characters in the game are another target for the stages. With more than 1 million installs and content rated as suitable for users aged 10 and over, "Tall Man Run" now holds the seventh spot on the official Google Play game hit list. It has 11,000 reviews and a rating of 4, and it has received over 11,000 installs.

How To Play

Tall Man Run is an extremely decompressed action parkour-themed game. Players can better control their big avatar in the game on the track, dodge obstacles with the flexibility to acquire props to get to the conclusion swiftly and access a wide variety of play material. To fight the adversary and increase your character's abilities, you must walk along the parkour route. Your left and right movements will control the character as they progress down the path, and you will be able to gather diamonds as you go. The "Tall Man Run" gameplay consists of your typical ultra-casual matchmaking action parkour, where players can gain height while also improving their waistlines. Let the short and frail figure become a tall and ferocious general. The game offers a link to energy collecting in addition to the standard calculating function, and some of these require players to climb a particular height to achieve. Players must carefully gather all the energy from the BOSS at the bottom of the level in order to combat him and perhaps gain more valuable gifts.



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