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Mob Control
Platform :  
Size :   268.8 MB
Date :   Dec 22, 2022
Version :   2.47.1
Devoloper :   VOODOO
Tags : Action Casual Arcade Single player

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Editors' Review

The "Mob Control" graphics use the traditional God's perspective, allowing players to see the entire scene from above as they play. The game features vibrant matchmakers, realistic scene shapes, and a complex and varied maze design, giving players a great puzzle gaming experience. It is truly a startling scene when a matchmaker passes the threshold and changes into a large group of people of the same sort to fight.


The most significant aspect of Mob Control, based on actual gameplay, is its flawless fusion of action shooting and light puzzle gaming. Players must consider both shooting accuracy and puzzle calculations for character advancement in each level. Because the thousands of enemy horses are outnumbering the role generated by the artillery, it is impossible to cover every route in the level by just maximizing the role increment. The game may also have been chosen to take the player's previous experiences into account, as it gives players a more relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience.


If you like action shooting, if you have a love for this kind of game that combines action and puzzle, then please do not easily Mob Control.


The well-known international game developer VOODOO released the action-shooting casual game called Mob Control. The goal of the game is for the players to manage the artillery while thwarting the enemy's onslaught using a variety of multiplication thresholds. Additionally, Mob Control has base building, a sizable selection of armory options, and a leveling system where awards acquired through level challenges can be used for users. The benefits from completing level challenges can be used to build bases, and the armory's selection of cannons, monster varieties, and warriors adds to the combat's appeal.


In addition, choose different cannons, monsters, and fighters to increase the combat power. During this time, you can also upgrade to improve the power of cannons, monsters, and fighters. You can even do this through the upgrade speed and "huge" size, quickly winning the game. For players who have a hobby of collecting, the armory of the icon collection is to meet your multifaceted needs. A wonderfully inventive introduction of multiplier thresholds makes the troop production process in Mob Control's simplified version of real-time combat action, which lets players command blue matchmakers against the AI, more unpredictable. Giving players a tight, thrilling, but instructive gaming experience, the maze landscape includes a number of various labyrinth types that are derived from the game's endless levels.


With more than 500,000 installs, material rated as suitable for all, more than 1,400 reviews, and 3.1 comments, Mob Control is currently ranked 22nd on the Google Play free game hit list.

How To Play

In Mob Control, the player must increase his own battle power by using the artillery's limited firepower and the multiplier threshold to increase the number of matchmakers to a point where they can equal or even overwhelm the enemy. This aspect of the game's gameplay is interesting because it prevents the enemy from reaching the artillery. Players must continually move the cannon to the intended firing area in order to reach the predetermined character cost growth, which varies depending on where the multiplier threshold is located in various levels.



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