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Evil Nun: The Horror 's Creed
Platform :  
Size :   343 M
Date :   Dec 5, 2021
Version :   1.8.1
Devoloper :   KEPLERIANS SL
Tags : Puzzle Casual Horror

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Editors' Review

The Horror 's Creed ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. 

Horror at School is a very exciting and fun horror game,one of the most popular horror mobile games among teenage. Also,it is a free single-player terror game by first person perspective. You can choose multiple difficulty options, but the ghost mode is advertised. 

In the game, you need to play a character who is running away from the nuns evil sacrifice , trying to leave the church before the nuns arrive. You don't have the ability to resist the powerful nuns,only to constantly swerve and hide in an effort not to be caught. You have to be extra careful to keep quiet, because if you accidentally touch a table or chair, the nuns will chase you with her big sticks, and you will die if you do. The game offers multiple scenarios to test the your limits.

The nuns is elusive, which makes you very insecure, you need to use your own wisdom matching wits with nuns. Under the threat of scary nuns,you need to explore the hidden areas of the scene where the items you need are waiting to be collected. Only by finding everything you need can you open the door to the outside world and escape from this land of death. You can walk out of the school by taking the keys.

In the new version of the game, many bugs have been fixed, new chapters and mazes are coming, and players can unlock new maps.Besides that,in the latest version, you need to go to the basement to do tasks, collect seven masks to unlock the story, and be very friendly to those who dare not play the horror game but are eager to try it out. Let you experience a tense and exciting puzzle game in a scary atmosphere. 

With every update, the plot is also more rich, you could open up a new game adventure, always remember to avoid the attention of nuns. You can unfailingly look forward to it. 

Player experience

The game is highly interactive and not too difficult, simple virtual joystick control allows you to easily get started and constantly find your way out.

The excellent cartoon style makes the game more authentic, and the strong sense of substitution makes you have an immersive escape experience.

More thrilling, you can see plenty of terror games scenes and bloody lifelike scenes, with scary personage's model, which can be improved if played on headphones.

The picture quality is very delicate and exquisite, which can increase the sense of terror to a certain extent.

Hint for passing the game

1、As darkness falls and the nun's view is blocked, you can make a quick escape.And you can hide in the closet to escape from the nuns who are chasing you.

2、On your way out, you need to search for useful items to complete the story mission.

3、You can get hints by watching ads. But once you get a game tip, you have to complete the tip to get the next one.Don't be greedy.

4、If you are caught by a nun before you can help the nun gather the mask, you will be put on the mask and the game is over. So be sure to watch out for lockers or closet along the way where you can hide from the nuns.


As a free game, it's inevitable that you'll watch the ads popping up, which is understandable. However, when an AD pops up in the middle of the game, it's annoying. Because ads can disrupt your train of thought or irritate your frayed nerves.


Evil Nun: The Horror’s Creed is a horror puzzle game developed by KEPLERIANS SL. In the game, you need to play a role of escape from the evil sacrifice of the nuns and try to leave the church before the nuns arrive. The graphics is very realistic, the walls are mottled with blood, and there are a lot of scenes and bonus scene to explore.

How To Play

1. The nun can hear any movement, be careful not to attract her attention, or create movement to attract her. Of course, you also have to hide to avoid detection.

2. You must find an escape route before they catch you, and allow yourself to leave really safely. This moment is the time to test the player’s calmness. The calmer you are, the faster you can escape from here in the game.

3. In the game, any furniture you knock down will attract nuns, so pay attention to your position, and some door opening props have other uses. For example, the hammer is used to knock open the planks on the third floor to build bridges, and the pliers are used to cut the power supply of the electric fan, so as to get the escape props.

4. You can try to escape with a variety of different routes, and you can also use various props to ensure your own safety.

5. This school is a bit like a basement. The dim environment makes people feel insecure. It is necessary to figure out the structure of the building as soon as possible and escape without disturbing the nuns.

6. If you are discovered by the nuns, you will definitely be hunted down by the nuns. If you don’t want to be a sacrifice, you should use the surrounding buildings to avoid the nuns. It is difficult to escape from the school in this situation. It is better to spend time with the nuns. Be a sacrifice, and if you miss the sacrifice time, your life will not be in danger, but the most direct way is to find a way to escape, so that this terrifying adventure can be ended faster.


  • By Armani
    it`s a cool game
  • By Bilan
    This game is so scary nobody’s all play it!!!!
  • By Boyka
    i love it and i love scary
  • By brynn
    i love it and i love scary
  • By java
    i love this game but it's scary

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