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Hello Neighbor
Platform :  
Size :   1.7 G
Date :   Sep 21, 2021
Version :   2.3.1
Devoloper :   tinyBuild LLC
Tags : Multiplayer Horror Online Survival First-Person Offline Funny Sandbox Stealth Story

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Editors' Review

Hello Neighbor ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

I was actually amused by some YouTubers' video of the game. They are timid, and they don't try to solve the puzzles in the game. But they still dare to play some horror games. I really don't understand this behavior, but I don't want to criticize this behavior, because I respect everyone's right to choose. Everyone can make some choices about what happens in their life, and the same goes for games. Everyone can choose the game they like to play, and others should not criticize or mock a player because he or she is not playing well. That's what I do. I love watching other people play horror games, and I love playing horror games myself. So, I think I have talent and experience in this kind of game. I was thinking about it and struggling with myself when I found it in the app store. I didn't really know it was a horror game. When I first saw Hello Neighbor, I thought it was going to be a dating game. However, my ideas came before the facts, which led to my mistakes. Hello Neighbor is a horror game that requires you to sneak into your Neighbor's house and find some terrible secrets you need to hide. The task of the game is this one sentence, and it sounds simple enough, but it's not easy to do. Hello Neighbor is scary.

I think Hello Neighbor is a very successful game and you might think I'm talking nonsense until you download and play it. But Hello Neighbor did prove successful. I don't need to repeat the numbers, but the downloads and reviews are impressive. When I play Hello Neighbor, I approach missions as if I were taking a horror game seriously. This is easy for me to do with horror story, so don't be surprised. However, Hello Neighbor is different from other horror games. Think about horror games you've played in the past, and you'll find that you can avoid danger by trial and error. For example, the first time you play the level, you don't know what to expect, so you might fail quickly. But the second time you play the level, the third time you play the level, or the hundredth time you play it, you know what's going to happen, or what story you're going to encounter. As a result, you can avoid incoming risks or bosses, or some horrible, nameless thing in other horror games. However, in Hello Neighbor, your enthusiasm for infinite trial and error is discouraged. Hello Neighbor is an advanced AI, but it actually thinks in a very simple way.What you need to know is that it learns your behavior patterns from the actions of your game.If you are a player who likes to enter the house through the back door, it will often patrol that area and find you. Or, if you know how to avoid its traps, you may not be able to escape its camera. It is this super horror that makes the unfairness of Hello Neighbor reach its climax. You can think it's unfair, but you can still find a way to beat it. That's the beauty of Hello Neighbor, isn't it? I feel a different state of mind in this game because it's so different from other games, and if I don't have some insight, THEN I haven't played it long enough. I should play more about this game, and maybe I can let my friends play it because they are also fans of horror games. That will be very very fun indeed.


Essentially, Hello Neighbor is a sandbox game on a smaller scale. The protagonist played by the player lives in a peaceful suburban residential area. He suspects that his neighbors are hiding secrets in the basement. At this time, your neighbors become alert. The neighbor AI will not only guess and predict your behavior, but also set traps and obstacles to try to catch you alive. At the same time, this is also a very interesting story game where you need to control the character to sneak into the neighbor’s house. The game mode is very simple and the content is quite interesting. 

How To Play

Hello Neighbor tells about a neighbor opposite to a little boy (you), there is a hidden basement, this basement is the secret you need to explore in the first part, and then will follow the development of the plot, will reveal the stories and stories of this neighbor one by one. His hidden secret.

There are only five operation buttons in the game. The operation method is similar to most adventure games. The left hand controls the direction, and the right hand is responsible for jumping, squatting, picking up items, opening doors, throwing things and other operations. It is worth mentioning that the operation of opening the door and the picking are actually the same button. Long press can pick up the item corresponding to the white point on the screen. The white point represents the center point of the first perspective, which is convenient for the player to pick up and throw. Squat and jump are a button, long press to squat, the middle is the use button, that is, you can click to use the item you are holding for other purposes.

The gameplay is also very flexible. You can use the keyhole to see the room inside, or you can hide in the closet before being found for the next action.


  • By Tris Prior
    Love this game! I play it all the time
  • By Abhiraj singh
    Hello neighbor is the best game
  • By Dj
    Hello neighbor is the best game ever
  • By Orion Natanilov
    i love this game
  • By BELLA
  • By Lyndon
    Hi I’m Lyndon and I would really like to play Hello Neighbor.
  • By tommy
    hello neighbor

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