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The Room Three
Platform :  
Size :   887.72 MB
Date :   June 26,2018
Version :   V1.0.2
Devoloper :   Fireproof Studios Limited
Tags : Puzzle Horror the room

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Editors' Review

The Room Three ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

My friend told me a very scary sounding story that will always remind me that this story of his happened to him in real life, which is why I believe so much in what he said. Well, I'm going to start telling this story. My friend was locked in his house when he was 13 years old, and because his stepfather was so horrible, he had no way to get free or run out of the big house. He was confined to the second floor of the house. He thought at the time that his stepfather was a psychopathic control freak, but that's what happened, and his guesses at age 13 were based on all the signs. So he had no way to escape, and then he was locked up until he was 16 until he finally escaped his stepfather's clutches. I think that for me, who is claustrophobic, something like that could have led to an early end to my young life if it had happened to me. The Room Three is one such game, and you have no idea how much it affected me. The game follows in the footsteps of its two predecessors, but it's as surprising as Generation X. Compared to its archaic predecessor, its parents, The Room Three is a puzzle game with just enough creativity. The Room Three is a game full of aesthetics, and I'd like to talk about the game's backstory before introducing its aesthetic value. The new backstory is the standard that sets The Room Three apart from its predecessor. You are a poor fool who has been lured to a remote island. You have absolutely no way to resist, or you wouldn't have been tricked into such a place by such a trick. However, regret and scolding is useless you must make good use of your puzzle solving ability and high IQ to unlock the door and then successfully escape from here. The boss behind this game is a mysterious character known only as "The Craftsman", which designed all this, so you have to deal with all this correctly. I think that's why The Room Three won my heart, its story is always a supporting character, but its aesthetic value is well-deserved as the main character. First, let me say a few words about the visual aesthetics of The Room Three. Everything you see on this island is very detailed, which reflects how sick the game makers of The Room Three are. They know what we like, and for the player, a game with simple gameplay needs good graphics to back it up. So, The Room Three's environments are superb in the game, and you won't deny that. The visual aesthetics as well as the visual experience is very natural in The Room Three, you can look at the surfaces of everything you pick up. You can also see some well-designed little mechanisms about these amazing artifacts. These factors have long been perfected in the previous game of The Room Three, and you won't feel disappointed in this game. In addition, The Room Three also brings a superb aural aesthetic, and you can enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack in this game, and I love them because this game is so quiet at times. When you sink your teeth into thinking about how to solve a puzzle, you need to concentrate, so you don't pay attention to the game's various sound effects. Still, The Room Three's music seduces the player every minute of the day, and this is indeed undeniable. Good sound effects are also an important part of great mobile games.


The Room3 is still a very good puzzle game. The high-level game screen, realistic sound effects, superb operating feel and ingenious level design all make players feel as if they are in it with a full sense of substitution.

How To Play

1. The stone column in the center of the first secret room has three wooden columns that can be rotated. Using a viewing mirror, you can see that there are prompt phrases on the wall of the stone column. Several different items are placed in each column, as long as you find the items that match the prompts. Open to get a box, get the device that matches the sight glass, and then you can directly enter the interior of the object.

2. The mechanism can be opened by turning the lock plate so that the notches of the four lock cylinders are in the proper position.

3. Open the door, enter the deeper stele secret room, and put the triangular totem you got on the train on the black slate, you can get a red and green badge.

4. Coming to a door with many badges, you need to unlock the mechanism here, and let the two swords below cross each other.



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