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Fran Bow Chapter 5
Platform :  
Size :   4.8M
Date :   March 19, 2019
Version :   2.0.0
Devoloper :   Killmonday Games
Tags : Puzzle Adventure Horror

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Editors' Review

Fran Bow Chapter 5 ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

I don't know why I got caught up in another horror game, but it does have a magic that belongs to it, so I continue to play these kinds of games. People are creatures who are very good at seeking excitement. If you want to live your life smoothly, it is not a difficult thing, but if your life is just plain everything, you will be restless, or want to live someone else's life. Therefore, you will pursue something exciting, for example, some people like to go to the haunted house in the amusement park to see something disgusting and bloody, and some people like to hover on the line of death, they will play some extreme sports. To put it bluntly, these are people's innermost desires at work, and my innermost desire is to play those creepy horror games. The horror game I'm going to introduce is called Fran Bow Chapter 5, a series of games that are all very scary. It tells the story of Fran, a poor little girl who is slow to find comfort in her mental disorder. Fran witnessed her parents being killed directly in their home, so she kept running away in the forest until she found her only living relative, Aunt Grace.

This game is not very scary in terms of graphics, as Fran Bow Chapter 5 always maintains a quirky hand-drawn 2D art style as well as 2D animated graphics, so it may not have as much of a graphical impact as players would like compared to scary 3D games. Fran Bow Chapter 5 is a game where the story leads you into the world of horror, and its scares are mainly straight to your psychological defense, so you won't be scared visually, but when you slowly reason Fran Bow Chapter 5 something, you will have a kind of "so, so scary" feeling, this feeling I always have when I play it. Of course, since this game belongs to the horror game, then it should do this. Fran Bow Chapter 5 is your only choice. In Fran Bow Chapter 5, you will also see a variety of puzzles that should be kept. You can constantly set your goal to escape, but your single-mindedness in escaping is not a requirement of the entire game. You are required to solve problems in Fran Bow Chapter 5, and the solution of these problems does not allow you to dawdle slowly over long periods of thought; you have to keep your head on straight at all times to solve them. So here is the highlight of this game, you can put your mind completely into that scene and then concentrate on solving the puzzles according to the clues provided by the story. In this process, you may be nervous, and you will probably do the wrong thing because of the nervousness, which will lead to the failure of the whole game. But trust me, if you find the right answers to all the puzzles in Fran Bow Chapter 5, you are going to get a boost yourself. I feel great every time I think about completing the puzzles and coming back from the dead, and even though my forehead is covered in cold sweat, I still feel like I was actually able to do it. Maybe that's what horror games do to you! You will become mentally strong in the constant challenge, and you can also objectively improve your intelligence, why not to kill two birds with one stone? Fran Bow Chapter 5, really you! You shot my heart!


Fran Bow Chapter 5 is the last but two release of the Fran Bow adventure series and players can once again pick up their disturbing journey from where they were in chapter 4. This chapter featured indoor scenarios since the gameplay is mostly in a room, such as Fran’s bedroom. Stories continue to unfold and the smaller space creates an even more intense game vibe than ever. As mentioned that this chapter is mostly room-based, players make the game progress by making it through the rooms and solving the puzzles there. The major puzzles lie in the waiting room, bedroom, and dollhouse. Besides, there is also a phone number element that adds a mysterious factor to the gameplay. 

How To Play

As mentioned before, items are of crucial importance in solving puzzles in this game. Since chapter 5 is mostly room-based, players need to constantly interact with keys in this chapter. However, the clocks in this chapter sometimes may not be that obvious and players need to observe, or even think outside the box when no obvious locks are spotted. For example, a clock may be hidden or there might be a twist before the clearer clue is shown. This chapter might be a bit more tedious than previous ones and players are expected to constantly examine the items and chat with those non-character figures such as the tall white patient in this game. However, there is one thing that players need to be aware of in this chapter. Many of them may have already noticed that since chapter 4, the so-called duotone—the duality of the world, ceased to exist. Players cannot switch in-between two realities to check details and find clues to progress. In this chapter, without such a comparison mechanism, players will solely rely on the contingent interactions with the items and other characters to obtain the puzzle-solving pieces. 



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