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Paper Fold
Platform :  
Size :   Varies with device
Date :   March 19, 2021
Version :   1.17
Devoloper :   Good Job Games
Tags : Puzzle Games Paper fold

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Editors' Review

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When you encounter some of the darkest moments in your life, do you think back to whether you did something as a student that you regret? I watched a movie, it's called Back to Seventeen and it's about a man who becomes a young man with the help of God. He goes back to his alma mater twenty years ago to re-experience life, so he will change. When I was facing a mid-life crisis, I would feel regretful and how wonderful it would be if I could take classes again. I was facing unemployment during that time and was so intent on escaping or seeking some relief. Of course, in the end, I persevered because things like turning back time do not exist, and even if it were true, you could not be the lucky one. So, we have to work on our feet. But do you want to know how I supported my crumbling heart? I'm about to tell you the answer. I found in Paper Fold what it was like to take a craft class, and yes, craft is one of those things that pays off when you put in the work. Paper Fold is a game where you can easily learn how to make a cute animal, or plant, out of paper. It's an amazing thing, and it's not harmful. But you need to be reminded when you play Paper Fold that it's a game that can easily get you hooked. You've worked hard to become an adult, and you don't need to let yourself become a child right away. You can be a cute curious kid in Paper Fold, but that kind of thing can't be too concrete. It all can only happen in Paper Fold, and my opinion is not very absolute, and some people may feel that it does not stand up to scrutiny. But it does work. You can choose a game to escape the oppression of doom from reality for a while, but you can't throw yourself completely into the game. I'm the same way with Paper Fold, a lot of kids have no self-control over mobile games and a lot of measures don't work as well as it should, so you have to curb the addictive nature before it arrives. However, if the game does give you some benefit, you can spend more time playing it. Paper Fold is one such game, and I believe that once you open Paper Fold, you will get the most relaxing time of your life. This opportunity is open to everyone and you can introduce Paper Fold to minors. They will love Paper Fold because it's an after-school tutor and if they can learn some special origami skills in this game, they can get some thrill in their school craft classes and maybe they can make some cute origami toys that even their teachers can't do. If you recommend Paper Fold to adults, then you are doing a great thing and you can save someone's empty heart. If you recommend Paper Fold to an older person, I will think you are a very kind person. Older people like to do crafts like knitting or cooking, but an origami game is also listed. They can make themselves use their brains to think during these boring hours, and I believe that with the help of Paper Fold, seniors' chances of developing Alzheimer's disease are likely to be lowered. You may think that Paper Fold is not that great, but you can disbelieve me or refute me. I certainly welcome it, and Paper Fold is the GOAT anyway.


Fold and Create Pictures.

Very simple mechanics, only tap and fold.

Once you start, it will be hard to stop.

This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

How To Play

Paper Fold is simple and easy to start, players only need to judge the correct folding order of each piece of origami to pass. The game has a very rich selection of levels and background skins for players to choose from, but of course, some of them need to be unlocked in additional ways. So now there is no need to say more, directly to download into the game to try it.



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