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Scribblenauts Remix
Platform :  
Size :   41M
Date :   June 25, 2018
Version :   6.9
Devoloper :   Warner Bros.
Tags : Puzzle Casual

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Editors' Review

Scribblenauts Remix ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

There are times when an inspiration strikes. how to use it in a game You may try out a game that allows you to use your creativity to its maximum potential. The puzzle game that we will be playing today is called Scribblenauts Remix, and due to the high quality of the game, it has attracted more than 5 million players. In the world of Scribblenauts Remix, your mission is to provide Maxwell with the Starite he needs to make anything he wants, and then use that object to complete each and every challenge. In the innovative puzzle game Scribblenauts Remix, you are given complete freedom to let your imagination run wild. You are free to let your imagination go wild, conjuring up things like a "huge, winged automobile" or a "shy, ice-cold breathing, robotic hippo"! If you are able to think, you are also able to create. This is the ideal game for gamers looking for a fun and lengthy experience that can be replayed multiple times with a variety of outcomes and endless possible answers. It makes no difference if you are eight years old or eighty years old; the only limit is your imagination!

The game Scribblenauts Remix is both an old favorite and an innovative one. To begin, Scribblenauts Remix is a very educational game that features a total of 50 levels, including 40 of the game's most played levels, in which players are able to get the most out of playing the game. If you feel that playing through 50 levels is not enough for you, you can upgrade to a World Pass, which will give you access to all of the current and future world expansions as well as an additional 90 levels. Additionally, if you have previously purchased a World Expansion, you will be automatically upgraded to a World Pass, and all future worlds will now appear in your game for free. Second, Scribblenauts Remix displays a high level of originality. Players can get a new perspective on the game Scribblenaut by taking control of a character that is not the main protagonist. Within the game, there are a wide variety of captivating and unique characters for you to interact with. Test out this new feature, which comes with free lifeguards and God in human form. You can also show your pals how much fun you're having by uploading photographs of the playgrounds you build and the puzzles you solve to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will provide them with a sneak peek at the game.

In my perspective, Scribblenauts Remix is a game that everyone can pick up and play, despite its relative ease. You begin by going into the playground to make things in order to get this game of imagination going. In addition, you can receive limitless replay value by completing a puzzle numerous times with varied terms in order to push yourself to perform at your peak. Players may use iCloud to seamlessly move between their iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices without having to restart the game when playing Scribblenauts Remix. This is made possible by the game's incredibly user-friendly design. In addition, players have the ability to remove any produced objects with the "Shake to Undo" feature by just shaking their Apple iPhone. You can now play Scribblenauts Remix with friends and compare your ranks with each other. You may browse leaderboards, see where you rank among other players, and compare gaming achievements with pals by using Game Center. What are you holding out for exactly? Get your creative juices flowing with Scribblenauts Remix by downloading it today!


Scribblenauts Remix is a fun casual game where players can input English words to express various actions and get fun. There are different puzzle-solving types of play in the game, and it is also very challenging to go through the level. Players can enjoy the development of their imagination because this game is a very creative little game. The player can input words, and create a variety of corresponding objects, to help the protagonist of the game to get a level one by one. These objects can not only be full of personality and imagination but also can interact with the player in real-time, making the whole game scene very vivid. For example, players can write English words by pen in the game, and then solve puzzles according to the words into objects, to produce a variety of game effects. The style of the game is American graffiti style, it is like a fairy tale and a wonderful world. Scene construction is also a big feature of the game, and players can use different scenes and enzymes to solve puzzles.

How To Play

The gameplay of this game is not difficult, and the system setting of the game is also very friendly. For example, when players just enter the game, there will be corresponding teaching levels. Players must pass the prompts of the system, and after completing the teaching levels, they can play the formal game. You can move by clicking buttons on the sides of the screen, you can set joystick controls, and so on. Players type words to create objects they want. This game is very smart, it can recognize a lot of words, a lot of adjectives, and nouns. Through the input of some adjectives, the player can create objects with more characteristics, full of imaginative color. Players can also interact with their designs, so the whole game is lively and fun. Especially for those with rich imagination and creativity, can create corresponding objects, which is good to unlock the next level.



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