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Monument Valley 2
Platform :  
Size :   60M
Date :   January 23, 2020
Version :   1.3.15
Devoloper :   ustwo games
Tags : Puzzle Adventure Casual

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Editors' Review

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To tell you the truth, I don't spend much money on video games. For the most part, as a student, when I need to unwind, I play certain free games rather than paying for others. Today I'm going to teach you a game that's a little bit unusual. My opinion is that it is a game that is deserving of financial investment. This is the renowned sequel to the game Monument Valley. The history of Monument Valley 2 is quite moving. After a period of three years, players in Monument Valley will enter the child stage of their lives. As people become older, their conceptions of mothers shift, and so does the dynamic nature of the bond that exists between a mother and her offspring. The narrative of Monument Valley 2 focuses on the relationship between mothers and daughters. You will learn the secrets of sacred geometry while guiding a mother and her child through a series of imaginative structures, navigating fantastical pathways, and solving delicious puzzles. This adventure will take place while you guide the mother and her child.

Monument Valley 2, much like its predecessors, is an aesthetically breathtaking puzzle game in which players are tasked with assisting the game's protagonist in discovering the one and only route out of an incredibly surreal setting. Monument Valley 2 is a video game that has a very stunning visual style. Every single frame of the video game looks like a piece of art in its own right. Some of the images used in the game are based on real-world locations, while others are reproductions of well-known works of art. The presence of these geometric shapes throughout Monument Valley 2 is the game's defining characteristic, serving as the game's most prominent creative element and serving as the primary draw for a large number of players. Monument Valley 2 does not rely on language or text to communicate the plot; rather, it employs color, level design, and shifting game mechanics to portray the inner struggles and progression of both mothers and children during the course of the game.

You will need to assist Ro in educating her children about the mysteries that lie within the valley, discover breathtaking environments, and manipulate buildings in order to lead them to their destination in this wondrous geometric world. To begin, the game level design in Monument Valley 2 is both creative and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. In Monument Valley 2, you'll be able to enjoy gorgeous levels that are packed with unbelievable, brain-teasing puzzles. You'll also be able to use fresh new interactions to investigate the constantly shifting dynamics between people. The fact that players are required to have their mothers and daughters work together in order to complete a level together is not only extremely informative but also prompts players to reflect on their own mother-daughter relationships. This is an aspect of the game that is even more shocking. At the same time, Monument Valley 2 features an extremely impressive creative effect. The artwork is derived from a diverse assortment of architectural styles, artistic movements, and personal influences, all of which have been reimagined as gorgeous geometric shapes. In addition to this, the background music in Monument Valley 2 is very well suited to the overall style of the game. The players are able to completely submerge themselves in the one-of-a-kind interactively melodious ambiance and take pleasure in this magnificent artistic adventure. The second installment of the Monument Valley series is, in my opinion, a game that should not be missed. The game content in Monument Valley 2 is not the only thing that is brilliantly constructed; the game itself is also artistically gorgeous, and it features family stories that are interlaced throughout the game, which raises the stakes. What are you going to do while you wait? Step into this stunningly symmetrical world right now!


Monument Valley 2 brings you a sequel to Monument Valley. On the basis of the gameplay of the first work, the game has added more difficult game levels waiting for you to challenge. The purpose of the game is very simple, you need help Silent Princess Ada avoids the mysterious Raven Man. And unlock the traps of towers and stairs, explore hidden paths to reach the end!


Game Features

1. Elegant levels full of puzzles

Use the new interactive character decryption to explore the dynamic transition between characters.

2. Fantastic way of walking

The perfect combination of architectural style, artistic movement, and personal consciousness into stunning geometric structures

3. Journey to the Heart World

Let you immerse yourself in your own small space, accompanied by unique interactive melody music, perfectly experience every step of the journey of Lorre and the child.

How To Play

1. The game is opened in chapters, each chapter is a complex maze setting, the plot is unfolded in short text, and it is easy to slide the stairs of the tower until the master reaches the designated point.

2. Every tower and staircase is a hidden mystery, eaching the end is what you need to do.

3. Many buildings that go against the rules, the disconnected road is completely unworkable, but as long as you slide the block with three holes in the building, you can move the steering to make the road connected.

4. The purpose of the game is very interesting. Help the silent princess Ada get out of the monument by exploring hidden paths, discovering optical illusions, and defeating the mysterious Raven Man. The game uses transfer, rotation, inversion and other puzzle solving techniques.



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