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Tangle Master 3D
Platform :  
Size :   67M
Date :   April 27, 2021
Version :   27.6.0
Devoloper :   Zynga
Tags : Puzzle Casual

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Editors' Review

Tangle Master 3D ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

When I was a young boy of 10 years old, I was amazed by Christopher's magic show on TV. I don't remember if I saw his show in the morning, noon or afternoon, but for sure I was so freaked out by his show that day that I didn't eat dinner that day. My mom still thought it was strange, she thought I might be coming down with something. But in reality, I just locked myself in my room to study this rope magic over and over again. Christopher tied three pieces of rope around himself, and note that if he was using thin rope, there would be nothing to brag about. He used strong-looking twine, and he asked his assistant to tie himself up and throw him into the shark-filled Caribbean Sea. However, just when everyone thought he was going to die, he managed to untie the knots made of these terrible twine. I thought it was amazing, so my mind was branded with the knot to untie. Nowadays, mobile games also notice the strange fetishes of players, so they also develop games like Tangle Master 3D. This game is really great and for someone who loves mind games and riddles, every level of Tangle Master 3D is like a heavenly treat. As the best 3D puzzle game ever made, Tangle Master 3D is really well done and it is supported by more than 100 million players worldwide with its own great game quality, and I am certainly one of them. The game is challenging, you see two or three ropes in your phone screen, but they have to be tangled together for some reason, your task is to find a way to untie the knot. Actually, you may not understand what I really mean when I say this, Tangle Master 3D requires players to sort and match the ropes and baldies according to color, and you have to open the tangle of ropes in one attempt at a time, and then get the same type of ropes and pegs together. I think this game is really great because you can go through each level without time constraints. You can let yourself into the zone as much as you want and enjoy that feeling of total concentration. Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, once said, "If you put yourself 100% into doing something, you're in the zone, and that's a perfect state of being uninterrupted by anyone." And Tangle Master 3D really got me into the perfect state. At first the level is relatively simple, the knots in the two ropes are not very difficult to take care of, and you don't waste a lot of time thinking about how to pass the level in such a retarded situation, it's a piece of cake. But the situation becomes different if you enter a more difficult level, the knot of three ropes is very difficult to see where you start, you simply do not know which color rope to start with. Worse problem is that if you get the first few steps wrong, then you will get more and more wrong, because the original knot is not very difficult, but because you do not operate properly, resulting in a tighter and tighter knot, and finally you can only choose to start this level again. In fact, I think when you encounter this level, the first thing you have to do is to stay calm, you have to imagine in the brain about your several steps will achieve what kind of state, and then do it. After that, you will see the existence of four ropes level, this difficulty is almost as difficult as flying into the universe, some masters or geniuses can certainly pass the level at once!


Tangle Master 3D is a 3D brain-burning knot game. Tangle Master 3D restores the knotted ropes that you often see in life. Please observe and think before you start. The game is among the top ten games in more than 100 countries. Players only need to successfully untie the entangled colored ropes. In the game, you need to untie the entangled ropes, but it is difficult to operate in practice, you need to see the gem port corresponding to each rope and untie them one by one.


Game advantages

1. The difficulty of various levels can be adjusted, and you can try more challenges.

2. At the most direct interaction moment, enjoy the operation of many different types of items.

3. Very detailed scene depiction, you can find the best relaxed gameplay.


Game Features

1. It can complete a difficult technical operation in the best way, and complete the entertainment in the most relaxing way.

2. As the level increases, you will face more and more difficult levels, but don't worry.

3. The operation of getting started is also very easy to complete the action, and you can enjoy the best relaxation.

How To Play

1. The rope game consists of multiple levels of different difficulty levels, all you have to do is to untie the rope knots, which looks easier than it does.

2. The rope game is suitable for boring time, and it is not too difficult. You only need to click and drag with your fingers to complete the operation.

3. As the level increases, the levels you have to face will become more and more difficult, but don't worry, there is no penalty mechanism.

4. Help people to enhance their wisdom, in the process of breaking through the level, your brain will run fast and think of the best way.



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