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Cut the Rope
Platform :  
Size :   50M
Date :   February 20, 2021
Version :   3.27.1
Devoloper :   ZeptoLab
Tags : Kids Puzzle Adventure

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Editors' Review

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Can you imagine that a classic mobile game can have a total of 990 million players worldwide? You may not know exactly what the concept of this almost 1 billion figure is, but what I can tell you clearly is that the population of the United States is only 400 million people, so that Cut the Rope players can all form a country. But the heat of this sweet game continues to not diminish though, there are still a lot of people who don't want to play it anymore. The smartphone game market has now reached a very large stock, and no matter what type of game you want to play, you can choose the game that matches your desires. So games like Cut the Rope that have been around for a long time are no longer able to meet the growing demand for games. I'm very worried that games that are older but actually very playable will one day fade away, so I think Cut the Rope needs to be re-promoted, depending on the efforts of the game developers and the word of mouth of the players. It's clear to anyone that Cut the Rope has a very high rating. It's rare for a game to nab a 4.8 star rating on the app store interface. If you swipe your phone screen down another 3cm, you'll see an overwhelming number of excellent reviews. Those of us who have played Cut the Rope are raving about the game, so you can leave your judgment entirely to the market and put your trust in the nearly 1 billion players.

What kind of game is Cut the Rope anyway? Cut the Rope requires players to cut the rope over and over again. There are 425 fun-filled levels where you can play with Om Nom. You will see a rope tied to a candy in your phone screen and hanging in the air, you need to cut the rope in time and let the candy fall into Om Nom's mouth. This little monster does not have any exaggerated preferences in its life, and other monsters are different in that it does not like to eat people or other animals, it only likes to eat candy. So you have to use your own ingenuity to get the candy into its mouth as much as possible, and then you unlock another new level out of 425 levels. However, if you fail, you do not suffer any punishment, as long as you keep resetting the level I believe you can still win. I think Cut the Rope's gameplay mechanics set a precedent for all puzzle games, and almost all puzzle games have taken inspiration from Cut the Rope and achieved their own success. Still, Cut the Rope is great, and if I were a teacher, I'd give Cut the Rope an A grade because it's so much fun. The physics engine of some games is so bad that you can easily feel that their targets are not flying towards your calculated route. Some of the games have bad physics engines, and even if they don't, the graphics and gameplay are very annoying. I think those games are bad students of Cut the Rope, in which Cut the Rope never disappoints or has some incredible gameplay errors. Innovative physics-based gameplay will always be the trick for Cut the Rope to beat other games, so if you aspire to be one of the 990 million Cut the Rope players, take action in the next second. Do not hesitate because fun is not completely waiting for you.


Cut the Rope is a puzzle game developed by the Russian company ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo in 2010. The game has a classic 2D interface with gorgeous graphics, glittering stars and realistic images of soap bubbles. The game's level selection interface uses boxes instead of chapters, which shows the developer's intention. The whole game uses contact control, players need to cut the rope to send the candy to mouth and collect the golden stars, discover the hidden paintings and unlock new levels, each theme has 25 cleverly designed levels, which makes the game more playable.

How To Play

Cut The Rope uses touch screen operation, players need to cut the rope tied to the candy according to different situations, and try to get as many yellow stars, which is also equipped with air jets, point breaking bubbles and other equipment, and finally must let the candy fall into the mouth of the pet. The game process has a little mechanics knowledge in it, although simple, but the player needs to think about the way of operation, but also to have a variety of timing grasp, has a high degree of playability, but also very suitable for friends to play together.



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