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Disney Getaway Blast
Platform :  
Size :   165M
Date :   February 19, 2021
Version :   1.8.3a
Devoloper :   Gameloft SE
Tags : Puzzle Disney Mickey Minnie Simba

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Editors' Review

Disney Getaway Blast ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

The different cartoons produced by the Disney business during our childhood years account for the majority of our childhood film recollections. There have also been a number of Disney characters who have been successfully depicted, some of them have been famous for more than a decade and are still popular today. Disney Getaway Blast is a puzzle game that features characters from both Disney and Pixar animated films. You may interact with and touch your favorite cartoon characters in the game, as well as perform game tasks, earn awards, and decorate this fantastic environment with your own personal touches. In Disney Getaway Blast, you'll be able to interact with cute Disney and Pixar cartoon characters, and these characters will assist you in popping bubbles and blasting riddles throughout your adventure. Throughout the game, you'll be able to decorate your island in a cute Disney manner as you pop bubbles and complete tasks. Get your passport stamped right away and prepare to embark on a magical adventure with lovely Disney and Pixar princesses, heroes, and villains on your vacation! NEW Wacky Styles - As the player, you'll need to embark on a magical quest, matching and popping bubbles, solving riddles, and generally having a good time. Collect new character buddies and add them to your character collection to expand your character roster.

As the player, you will use their distinct abilities to blast through all of the riddles and bubbles. Make bubbles, discover sweet moments, and interact with Disney and Pixar characters in a visually arresting graphic style. On this holiday trip, you can collect characters such as Stitch from Star Trek, Elsa from Frozen, a Disney princess such as Bell, or a Disney villain such as Maleficent and create the perfect vacation for them to call home. And Disney Getaway Blast allows you to express your creativity as you give these holiday islands a Disney makeover, restore them, and give your Disney and Pixar characters a new, funny Disney makeover. In the meantime, you can share your gaming characters with friends, collect Disney and Pixar characters, and then snap and share a cute snapshot with your social media followers.. Photographs of Disney and Pixar characters in innovative and enticing art styles can also be captured and added as a collection to your personal collection.

Disney Getaway Blast is a fantastically imaginative game. You can take pleasure in the wonderful stories from Disney and Pixar, as well as interact with the characters in the stories and go on adventures with them, which considerably enhances the enjoyment of playing the game. Disney Getaway Blast also includes some bubble-popping blasting puzzles, and you may complete objectives and win rewards with the help of Disney and Pixar characters in the Disney Getaway Blast game. Also included are decorative design elements in the Disney Getaway Blast package. Using your favorite style, you may repair and decorate these islands, construct an island style that suits your game character, and capture your amazing game memories to share with your friends and family. You can also use your favorite style to repair and decorate these islands. Disney Getaway Blast is a feature-rich special game that mixes real-world animated characters with a fun match-3 game, resulting in a popular puzzle game that can be played in casual moments. To relieve stress from work or school, you can enter the world of Disney Getaway Blast and engage with your favorite animation characters, make new friends, create a calm island for yourself and others, and share your happiness with the globe. Is there anything more you want to do? Get Disney Getaway Blast for free right now!


Disney Getaway Blast is a very interesting and casual mobile game. The game includes a large number of Disney cartoon characters. Players can interact with them intimately in the game, and there are a variety of elimination gameplay waiting for you to experience! Indulge in Disney magic and wacky vacay stories in this puzzle adventure game.

How To Play

Disney Carnival game is very simple to play, a variety of your familiar Disney characters, different modes of free choice, through the elimination of the level to get more character shape, while there are props will help you.

1, three different weather conditions are to go out to eliminate the adventure Oh, whether it is hot or cold or to the underwater abyss are to insist on breaking through.

2, the new hero characters to join the level, according to the identity of the division includes the company president, the kingdom of the prince and princess, and the castle lord and other different existence.

3, more than eleven years old anime image can be collected, each time you get the corresponding image can be successfully unlocked part of the picture book.

4, many animals will also become the elimination of heroes, including Mickey and Minnie, little Simba, Abu and so on everyone is very familiar with the image of animation.



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