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The Room Two
Platform :  
Size :   413.60 MB
Date :   May 29,2018
Version :   V1.0.5
Devoloper :   Fireproof Studios Limited
Tags : Puzzle Horror the room

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Editors' Review

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I think the most fun things in the world are hidden in the amusement park, especially when you ride the roller coaster, you will feel the sky is spinning and do not know the exact time now. In fact, what I like is not a specific thing, I like just the feeling that makes you forget your own worries. So even if I'm not in an amusement park right now, as long as there are games that bring me the same feeling, then it's one of the most fun things in the world. Among the many games in the app store, one that managed to steal my attention was The Room Two, a very puzzling puzzle game, a very exaggerated physics puzzle game where you can see the entire phone screen occupied by a strange object in a flash. Or rather, you are wrapped in a mysterious game in a room that you can't get out of, but you don't have a very strong will to leave the room because The Room Two won't let you leave easily. You're trapped in a beautiful tactile 3D world, and you'll come into contact with dozens of objects that are the key to solving your puzzles. Based on its predecessor, The Room Two certainly stays true to the overall style and atmosphere of the game, but it gives players a diverse range of pleasures. And so, that's how The Room Two was born, a highly anticipated game that won huge awards and built on top of that game to create an even more intriguing and mysterious world. Well, I feel it's my duty to let more people know what The Room Two really is, and I don't think this tremendously good game should be buried in the tens of thousands of games out there.

First of all, The Room Two is great puzzle game, you can easily get lost in this game and then you won't give up playing The Room Two even if you are given a lot of good food. what I said is not an exaggeration, because this game is very easy to learn, you can quickly get started in half an hour of playing it, but you are wandering in this game for more than three hours. It is a great game to play in solitude and you will be immersed in the feeling that your mind is spreading out. The Room Two's user interface is very simple and you won't see many unnecessary buttons, so that's why I was able to focus on unlocking every single item The Room Two has to offer. Of course, The Room Two has many of the same charms as its predecessor, and you can find them more easily during the experience of this game. The innovative touch controls are also unique to The Room Two. Can you imagine what you get when you touch or play with an object, such as a clock, a cabinet, a door lock, etc.? I think you should feel the real texture, no matter where you look at it, it will be able to give you clues to solve. So, the tactile experience of The Room Two is so natural that you can observe and even feel the surface of each item. This atmosphere is also experienced by the challengers and players in realistic 3D locations. I was able to enjoy the realistic feel if I sat in a quiet place during The Room Two's puzzles, and these times are when my own ingenuity comes into play in a big way. I'm not allowed to be the only one playing The Room Two, you must join the game if you want to test your courage and intelligence.


The Room Two is the second game in the room series. The gameplay and skills in the game are basically the same as the previous game. The 3D touch, and the design of the see-through mirror belt, etc., bring the sensory stimulation effect to the player. Some games cannot be experienced.

At the same time, the puzzle design of the game is very interesting. The puzzles are not designed to be difficult simply for the sake of being difficult. They are connected with each other, making players think carefully about the sense of accomplishment brought by obtaining the answer.

How To Play

1. First open the game and click start to enter.

2. Find the envelope on the table in the room and get the parts.

3. Put the two parts in the grooves on the table according to the position.

4. Open the trap to get a ball.

5. Finally, put the ball in the container to trigger the mechanism to get new props, and click on the screen to continue exploring.



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