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CarX Highway Racing
Platform :  
Size :   59M
Date :   2020/10/29
Version :   1.70.1
Devoloper :   CarX Technologies
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

CarX Highway Racing ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

After playing the game for a long time, I learned a truth, this truth may not be called truth, but it is really let me benefit from life. When you play a game, there are many areas you need to focus on, but you need to highlight the primary contradiction or the secondary contradiction.For example, if what fascinates you about a game is its graphics, then you shouldn't feel the variety of game modes, because then you'll feel the weakness of the game is a little too much.So if I'm playing a game, I can focus on one of its strengths that fascinates me, and in that case I'm less likely to find fault with a game. The game I've been playing lately you can guess what kind?I play a lot of games, so it's hard to guess. CarX Highway Racing is the answer. It is a Racing game, which you can easily learn from its name. However, I put myself in the context of a single point in the game that fascinated me, and I'm not going to try to cover the entire game in a nutshell. That is too general, and it can't really make people feel the beauty of CarX Highway Racing.

Five minutes before I wrote this review, I had just recovered from the game world of CarX Highway Racing. The game was so good that you could describe it with all the "good, positive" adjectives you learned in school,So I want to say that you really should take a look at which of my strengths I sink into CarX Highway Racing. The biggest reason I like this game, the main contradiction I mentioned in the previous article, is that CarX Highway Racing provides police mode. This is really quite new, and many racing games don't offer this mode. All they can do is get dozens or dozens of cars together, which is a normal racing game state, but routine doesn't have to be routine, and a few changes can make something better. CarX Highway Racing adheres to the novel concept, and you can get a new game experience in the police mode provided by this game. Speaking of the police model, I think if you make it through high school, you will know what it means. As you might imagine, in CarX Highway Racing's cop mode, you play as a cop patrolling the Highway. Your mission isn't to catch drug dealers or murderers, your mission is to stop lawlessness on the road. If criminals escape in sports cars and continue to run down the road, your city will be in crisis, and you are a good cop, how can you let that happen? You can drive a very powerful police car to chase criminals. As the saying goes, "To do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." Your police car will be your biggest recourse in the pursuit of criminals. You can scare all the criminals with the roar of your engine, and of course, you're a cop, and your cop car can whistle if you want. Just like the chase between police and bandits in reality, in CarX Highway Racing, you fight wits and courage with the criminal. You overtake the criminal's car with your superb driving skills and force it to stop, which makes people feel that they are fighting for justice. The police mode really has a cowboy feeling, and MOST of the time I play this game, I go for the police mode. If CarX Highway Racing has other advantages, I think it must have, otherwise CarX Highway Racing would not get 4.8.But I did focus on one pattern, and that was enough.


CarX Highway Racing is a high-quality racing car game. The modeling and production of the game are very delicate. Not only the scene map is realistic, but the racing car and background sound effects are also very realistic. It will definitely bring you the most immersive driving experience. There are various map styles, city maps, road maps, desert maps, etc., choose your favorite map and start racing. At the same time, this is also a drift racing game that combines a lot of common sense of the physics department. You can drive all kinds of racing cars to gallop on different tracks, enjoy more drifting actions, and rich plot content, which will make you instantly immersed in it!

How To Play

1. Crash race

In a crash race, the driver who knocks over more cars than the opponent wins.

2. Contagion race

In the contagion race, the last driver will be infected at regular intervals.

3. Knockout

The last car in the knockout round will get a timer, and when the timer reaches 0, the last car will be eliminated.

4. Head-to-head match

In the head-to-head match, players compete with a driver in a 1VS1 match, and the driver who crosses the finish line first wins.

5. Goalpost drift mode

In Goalpost Drift mode, there are multiple goalposts all over the track and drift through them to earn points.



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