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Trucks Off Road
Platform :  
Size :   1.1 G
Date :   Mar 25, 2022
Version :   1.6.26207
Devoloper :   ODD Games Pty Ltd
Tags : Racing Arcade Drifting

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Editors' Review

Trucks Off Road ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Do You Like Mountain car Racing? Sounds cool, doesn't it? I love the feel of those heavy-duty racing cars in the desert or the mountains. Recently, I found a game is this type. I like it very much, and if you want this type, you must not miss it. Odd Games Pty Ltd developed the Trucks Off-Road game.

Trucks Off-Road is an exciting real Off-Road racing driver tour, and there are real exciting Off-Road racing and realistic game racing scenes. Each city has its champion and challenges for you to overcome. Download and start your truck king race! The game will make you feel crazy and exciting, set new standards in mud and cross-country graphics, and Tor will dynamic decadent mud party to your palm. The game is a celebration of slushy; sound incredible? Which means the whole racing world is in your pocket! You can join your custom monster truck at the world's Best Mud Park for a world-class Super Swamp event.

Trucks Off-Road is a 3D cross-country racing game that completely re-creates the real cross-country game; moving through the mud and feeling the natural earth cling to your vehicle gives you a real game experience. For cross-country enthusiasts, this mobile phone game is unprecedented. If you think the mud is too dirty, don't worry. Tor has redefined the mire and quagmire of mobile devices, and game provided natural ground for those who like it dirty and "actual water." When you enter the game that you will got what I mean. Real-time truck damage and physics will be ready for those who want to punish their rides. You have to keep things cool by upgrading mechanical items such as more cubes of engine blocks and the whistle noise of hairdryers. The exhaust, the squeal of tires, the radiator, and the turbocharger all in, and the transmission is hard shifted, the shaft hardens, and the suspension will meet your every adjustment. Game will provide you with coverage. Or, if you like your truck to stand out in the crowd with tricky paint, decals bombing the look with decals, some straight-up harsh exterior edges and tires, through anything. You heard me right. It'll all be there when it's all there. When you run out of garage space, they will let you use a more oversized garage to store more mud trucks! Compete in freestyle, track rally, Drag Racing, Mud Tag and open games, compete in a licensed mud park or take a professional approach to win a championship belt.

Most importantly, it's the equivalent of using your phone to get a computer experience, a more realistic picture and form experience, so that you can feel on your phone just as good as the game on your computer! Trucks Off-Road here, players will be with your opponent for a speed game, super-multi mode and events for you to challenge, more realistic game environment for you to choose from. The game tests players driving skills and reflexes. You can choose between the classic God View and the camera view. Compete with friends in instant multiplayer mode. Desert, dirt roads, and snow track environments. Unlock obstacle training, long jump and time trial activities in the course of career mode. 

The player will have several rides in different vehicles on the alien landscape for the first time, like sandstorm centres, mountains, and another terrain, to show off the game's diverse terrain. Even without noting that the map is 50 per cent larger than its predecessor, the opening few paragraphs have the player playing as "a player who suddenly enters the game", which shows that the game has a variety of "stages" to challenge. On the mountainside of the masses, listening to the radio broadcast of famous music while driving, following one's inclinations, open the map. Many sites are placed on exceptional graphics on behalf of the "game" or "challenge". The players, according to their mood, the shortest path to a particular challenge time ran out, go to a specific area at the race for the title, can also be for nothing, It's just driving around crashing, doing stunts, and there are rewards for that.

You're interested now, aren't you? Trust me, and you won't be disappointed with this game's graphics and sound quality. If you don't believe me, try downloading it now. I'll wait for you at the game!


Have you ever wanted to build your own mud truck? Well now you can in Trucks Off Road without getting your hands dirty!

Over 400 unique parts to choose from to customize your truck to make it look and perform the way you want it to. Paint panels, parts and decals. Fit different fenders, hoods and panels. Upgrade to different chassis types. You can also increase power by adding cubic inches, superchargers, and turbochargers along with exhausts and other items. Don't forget traction, you'll need upgraded tires to tackle some of the huge hills. If you punish your truck too much it'll need 

How To Play

There are currently 8 mud parks to compete in with various game modes such as;

FREESTYLE - get the highest score by combining tricks and stunts

CIRCUIT RACING - Go head to head against your rivals

DRAG RACING - Knockout drag, do you have the fastest truck in a straight line?

MUD BOGGING - Can you pass through all of the gates in the quickest time?

OPEN PLAY - Non-competitive timed event to cruise around the park and show off


  • By alex
    coolest game ever
  • By Zakiyah A. Rahman

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