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Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing
Platform :  
Size :   62M
Date :   February 5, 2021
Version :   1.6.7
Devoloper :   Crazy4Profession Ltd
Tags : Multiplayer Racing Online

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Editors' Review

Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Racing games are the MVP of gaming forever! I'm sure I'm not alone, but the total market share of racing games is small compared to the vast number of genres. As a result, the total number of loyal fans of racing games is also small, which is why it's hard to see people praising and feeling about racing games in various game reviews. Luckily for you, I wrote this review of a great racing game, and if you read it, you might have some new experiences with racing games, and if you really want to join in, I think "Welcome" would be the perfect gift. The game I'm going to introduce now is Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing, an epic Racing game that is really great if you can really be a believer. Next I'd like to discuss some of its features.

First of all, if you think back to the racing games you've played in the past, most racing games are like this, and they usually allow a single player to enjoy driving in an infinite map. We call this kind of game driving simulator, usually because they are a lot like the real driving, even someone by types of games to try driving simulator feedback driving skills in real life, to be honest, I don't know if this method is useful, but I guess it can make up for the driver to a certain extent, or players, the vehicle familiarity, It may help to improve driving skills. Of course, if you choose a game like a car driving simulator for a refresher in real-world driving skills, you can also show that the physics engine of a driving simulator is realistic. Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing's physics engine is as good as any of these games, and my two weeks of playtesting proved it. Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing has very cool drift physics ideal road drift algorithm, so you can know how to control your Car in this game. This game, I guess everyone knows it's racing, but do you know where the inspiration came from? In the 1980s and 1990s, street racing drift was all the rage, so many people chose to take their cars to the streets and compete with others. Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing was inspired by this, so you can see a lot of modern Japanese elements in this game. It is very immersive. An exciting and fun driving game where you can learn something different from other racing cars. Around the world, Racing is a fast race, but in Japan, drift is also the rating standard. Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing has taken this concept very seriously; you should aim for both fast Racing and fun to watch in your game.

Another great feature of Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing is that it is a platform for deep customization. You can change almost all parts of your Car, not only the exterior of the Car, but also the chassis and suspension. I love this mode. In a word, you should expect Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing at any given time. In addition, if you choose to download Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing, you have a chance to participate in the best Racing experience and a cool way, because PVP is also important in this game, you can race against players of similar driving ability to determine the first place. In an innings of 20 cars, first place is also a remarkable achievement! After you participate in, you will know what a celebration it is to win the first place.


Hashiriya Drifter Car Racing is a racing multiplayer mobile game that brings a lot of competitive gameplay, a large map design, various track choices, cool and domineering vehicles waiting for you to unlock, opening a very exciting driving challenge, and have a wonderful duel with different players. In this game, every player can feel more powerful simulation driving fun, and make your driving skills stronger through constant challenging practice. Open the mobile game anytime, anywhere to challenge the level without any restrictions! Are you ready?

How To Play

In the game you will have to drive your own vehicle freely in different tracks to start your driving, modify your car to improve the performance of the car, a variety of tracks open for you, the challenge of extreme driving, become a driving master. The game mode is designed with several scenes, city highway, mountain surround track, new weather system, daytime, black, rain and so on you unlock. Free driving exciting floating, multiplayer racing AI strength duel, time trial, tournaments and other game tournament gameplay waiting for you to try.



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